Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss

Today is the 107th birth of Dr. Seuss. When I was a little boy, my dad would read me Dr. Seuss books every night. (Well, it seemed like it was every night.) It was the 1970s. We’d sit on this rather hideously maroon-colored sofa and he’s read to me. When I was very young, it would be books like Hop On Pop and Fox In Socks. When I a little older it was books like The Sneeches and Other Stories, The Lorax, and Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are.

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are was and is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. To this day, I still have the entire book memorized (I recited a portion of it to a small audience at El Cholo last night). When the Little Man was born, I couldn’t wait until the time when I could start reading him Dr. Seuss books. Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of that and I do it in the same way that my dad did it with me: I read the whole book, cover-to-cover, and with expression.

Thus, when I started reading him Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? I included even the dedication, which I remembered from those days in the 1970: “This book with love for Phyllis the Jackson.” I sometimes wonder who enjoys the stories more, me or the Little Man.

Thank you, Dr Seuss, and Happy Birthday!

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  1. They are doing Dr. Seuss all week at D’s daycare this week. Did you know the Dr. Seuss museum is not too far from Albany? We’re going this summer.

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