Lifehacker’s How I Work Series

I wanted to call attention to this great new series that Lifehacker is doing called How I Work. Each week, they find someone interesting to interview about how they work. There is a standard format to these, where you learn about the person and what they do, then what apps and tools they can’t live without, followed by best life hack, favorite to-do manager, etc. The first person in the series was Adam Savage and most recently, they featured Lifehacker founder, Gina Trapani.

This is such a great series because it is practical, down-to-earth tips and advice. This isn’t people telling you how you should do things. It’s people describing how¬†they work and what tools, gadgets and life hacks work for them. I’ve already found two or three things in the first four features that have made a difference in my everyday work. If you haven’t already seen it, you should definitely check it out.

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