Reprint Request Policy

sometimes get requests to reprint a post that I have written on my blog. Here is my reprint request policy. 1. If you would like to reprint a post I have written, and are not prepared to pay for the reprint, the answer is no. While, I have done this a few times in the […]

Policy on Product Reviews and Plugs

or some reason, I have been getting 3 or 4 requests per day to review some productivity product, service, or website. The requests are almost all extremely polite, professional, and the products almost always interesting. But with so many requests coming it, I figured it was time that I put up a post that I could […]

[Reference] What You Can Expect On My Twitter Feed

(This is one of my reference posts that I can refer people to when questions on the topic arises.) f you have recently followed me on Twitter, or are considering doing so, this post describes some of what you might expect to find there. First thing’s first, I do not auto-follow. My Twitter feed is hard […]

FAQ: Will You Read My Story/Refer Me To Your Agent/Help Me Write A Query Letter, Etc.?

t would seem that I have reached the stage in my writing career1 where I am receiving more and more questions about becoming a writer, selling stories, getting agents, and all of the other stuff that I imagine many of my more senior2 writer friends have had to deal with for some time now. Generally, […]

Guest Posts and Site Advertising Policy

[This post is part of my series of reference posts that I can point people to later when the subject comes up. I’ve been getting quite a few requests lately for people wanting to provide content for the site or pay for ads on the site. This represents my policy on both these items.] Guest Posts At […]

Book review policy

[This post is part of my series of reference posts that I can point people to later when the subject comes up.] I review books both here on this website as well as for science fiction magazines and other science fiction venues. Books that I review on my blog are not always current books. Books […]