Giving up on The Reagan Diaries

My general rule for bailing out of a book is if I don’t make much progress after 2-3 days. It usually means I’ve lost interest, because when I am interested in a book, I make time for it. Because I’m biased against Reagan, I gave him a week, but while I made it more than halfway through the book, I’m afraid I’ve lost interest and am bailing on the book. This is tough because if I don’t finish a book, it doesn’t go on my reading list, and so I’ve given up on 2+ weeks of reading. So be it.

This morning, on the train into work, I started Alan Alda’s Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself and at the pace I’m getting through it (and enjoying it), I’ll have it finished tomorrow.

Incidentally, I was up at about 4:50 this morning and couldn’t sleep any more for some reason. So I got ready for work and came into the office early. I got here around 6:15 AM.

Spoke to strausmouse on the phone last night. When I woke up this morning, I had a photo of Hannah from Lisa kruppenheimer, as well as some pictures that Andy had sent. Oh, and I got my first AT&T bill in the mail yesterday.

Happy hour tonight in celebration of Jesseca’s 30th birthday. And the last Yankees/Red Sox series of the regular season starts tonight as well.

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