And speaking of books…

I went into a bookstore at lunch today for the first time since back in May. Since I couldn’t get enough of the Robert J. Sawyer serial in ANALOG, I went ahead and bought two of his books that I haven’t read yet: Mindscan and Flash Forward. Neither are part of a series, but both look pretty interesting.

I also bought Volume 1 of The Complete Peanuts. It covers 1950-1952 and I can’t wait to find little snips of time to read through its 300+ pages. I’ve never been a reader of comics, with two exceptions. I loved THE FAR SIDE back when that was in print. And every now and then, I’d read the PEANUTS comic and always find them amusing. So I decided it was time to go back and read the whole thing. I’m not certain how many volumes there are. I saw six in the bookstore. But I expect that going through the first volume will be like a romp through the early fifties, back when my parents were mere youngsters.

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