One person’s junk is another person’s gems. I have my Grandfather’s old manual Royal typewriter and I love it. It’s a portable typewriter, and I remember playing with this thing when I was just a little kid. It needs to be cleaned up a bit and it needs a new ribbon, but one day, I am going to write a story on this typewriter. I haven’t quite decided where to put it yet. Somewhere in my office, I’m thinking, but I’m not sure where. Maybe I can find some kind of old typewriter stand to go along with it?

About Jamie Todd Rubin

Jamie Todd Rubin writes fiction and nonfiction for a variety of publications including Analog, Clarkesworld, The Daily Beast, 99U, Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed, InterGalactic Medicine Show, and several anthologies. He was featured in Lifehacker’s How I Work series. He has been blogging since 2005. By day, he manages software projects and occasionally writes code. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and three children. Find him on Twitter at @jamietr.