Busy/relaxing Saturday

We slept in a bit this morning because we got in so late last night.  We both showered and then headed downstairs for breakfast.  Arnie and Nancy were up and we chatted with them while we ate breakfast.  Sarah got up just before we headed out. We borrowed Sarah’s car and drove for about an […]

Make-up day

I took a sick day today in order to fit in doctors appointments and stuff like that. I worked from home in between. Incidentally, it was one year ago today that I began my month-long vacation, most of which was spent in Europe. I had a physical today and the news was good: I am […]

The lawnmower is not broken

When I last mowed the lawn, about 10 days ago, I suspected that I might have busted the mower. Turns out, I plug came loose and when I popped the plug back in this afternoon before attempting to cut the grass in the backyard, the mower started just fine. That’s good because I don’t know […]

Great Falls

Saturday brought us some nearly perfect spring weather. Despite that, I did my best to sleep in. I slept really well Friday night, and wanted it to continue, so I slept in until around 9:30 AM. It felt great. Kelly had the great idea of heading over to Great Falls National Park, which is not […]

First lawn-mowing of the season

The first lawn mowing of the season is complete. It took me about an hour to mow the front and back yards. There was lots of tall, thick grass from the rain we had, and lots of annoying seed pods from the trees, but I’m done! The yard looks at though it’s received a long-needed […]

Saturday morning errands and chores

Up at about 8:30 AM and I headed out at once to get a haircut, which I’ve been needing for some time now. (See the before and after images below.) It was nice, I walked right into the haircut place, and was taken right away. No wait. It’s not the best haircut I’ve ever gotten, […]

Saturday errands, part 2

I managed to get a few more items checked off my list, after having spent some time sending two mass-emailings to just about everyone I know, telling them that my first story is available. I headed over to Greenbelt and got a haircut. I also finally got around to getting myself a couple of new […]


I just finished cutting the grass, 15 days after the last time I cut it. It was very long in places, and I’m surprised that the City of Riverdale didn’t leave a note for me telling me to cut the grass, but perhaps they were too busy with their recent election. Anyway, both front and […]

Mow, mow, mow your lawn…

I finally cut the grass for the second time this year this evening. I was nervous to do so on two accounts. First, the last time I cut the grass, it snowed a few days later and I want no more snow this season. Snow’s over folks. Second, I’d but off cutting for quite some […]

Mowing the lawn and MOwing them down!

I got home from work and pulled the lawn mower out of the garage for the first time this year. The lawn was in pretty bad shape–meaning the grass was pretty tall, especially in the back. It took about an hour, but I got it all mowed. There’s something about a freshly mowed lawn that […]

Slow Sunday afternoons

Today has been one of those slow Sunday afternoons typical of early fall. I don’t feel like reading, I don’t feel like writing. I would otherwise be pretty bored, except that last night I picked up the first three seasons of Scrubs on DVD so I’ll probably spend the afternoon watching an episode or two. […]


When I got home from the lake, I discovered that the day game of the Yankees/Red Sox game was going to be televised after all (on NESN) and that I would be able to watch it. I was planning on mowing the lawn, which was in desperate need of mowing. I figured I’d do the […]