“Who’s the Yankees Shortstop?” Or, Knowledge Versus Fandom

ast night, after a wonderful happy hour at Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica, catching up with old friends and coworkers, I walked back to my hotel. Movie crews were working on both sides of Pico between 4th and Main filming something all day long, but by the time I walked through there at 9 pm […]

Another Yankee Loss Last Night

ike they say, it’s early in the season and the championship is never decided in April. Still, you’d like to see at least a glimmer from your team. The Yanks, while much more settled defensively than last night, seem fairly quiet at the plate, and abysmal when it comes to runners in scoring position. Here’s […]

My Scorecards for the Yankees Opening Day Game Against Houston

ast night, the Yankees played their opening day game against the Houston Astros down in Houston. As this is Derek Jeter’s last season, it was his last opening day game. I watched the game, and as I usually do when watching, I kept score. Here are my scorecards, visitor and home, respectively. The Yankees lost […]

Tigers Sweep Yankees in Four Games in the ALCS

ell, it would seem that nearly all of my predictions for the playoffs this season were wrong. The final nail in the coffin was the Tigers easy sweep of the Yankees last night. I’m hard pressed to remember a time when I’ve seen the Yankee hitters slump this badly in a post season series. They […]

Scorecard From My Yankees Inside Experience (Tampa at New York)

I’d meant to post my scorecard from the Yankees game I attended a few weeks ago, and never got around to it. So I present you with my scorecard today. Note that after the 6th inning, I went to get some ice cream and the line was long so I didn’t get back to my […]

A Couple More Pictures From My Yankees Inside Experience

Here are a couple more pictures from my Yankees Inside Experience. These pictures were taken by Yankees photographers and sent to participants yesterday. So much fun! Going to a Yankees game will never be quite the same again.

My Yankees Inside Experience

On Saturday, my brother-in-law dropped me off in front of Yankee Stadium at 10am. I was there for my Yankees Inside Experience, which was a gift to me from my family for my 40th birthday. We were told to arrive at Gate 6 at 10:15am. There was a short line when I strolled up. The […]

My Upcoming “Inside NY Yankees Experience”

One week from today, I will be in New York for my “Inside NY Yankees Experience,” a gift my family gave to me for my fortieth birthday. Earlier in the week, I received my itinerary and ticket for the game in the mail. The Yanks are playing Tampa Bay, in what is turning out to […]

Last Friday’s Nationals/Yankees game

This past Friday, Kelly and I had a night out. The New York Yankees were in town to play the Washington Nationals as part of interleague play and we went to see them courtesy of a friend of ours who gave us the tickets. And what tickets they were! Talk about being spoiled for all […]

Say it ain’t so, Mo

I arrived at work early this morning and discovered the terrible news that Mariano Rivera had torn is ACL during batting practice in last night’s game. It could very well be a career-ending injury. It was like finding out a friend had been in some kind of accident. I felt sick about it. Still do.

A beautiful day for baseball

Yesterday turned out to be quite a remarkable day for baseball. Early yesterday morning, the Little Man and I walked to our neighborhood Target to pick up some whiffle balls and a bat–his first–so that we could play with them later on that morning. The entire family hauled our way out to Bull Run Park […]

Division titles and inconsolable infants

When I picked up the Little Man from school yesterday, we went through the usual preliminaries (“What did you do at school today?” “Play toys! Outside!”) and then asked him a very important question: Do you want to watch the Yankee game with Daddy tonight? So at 7pm, we headed upstairs to watch the Yanks. […]