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Thursday writing

I finished the second draft of "Depression Baby".  It took me 90 minutes to rewrite the last 660 words or so.  The story now stands at 6,200 words, longer than I was intending, but I think it works.  I’ve got some cleanup to do, but I think I might be able to get it out in the mail next week.  And that means I can get started on the March story.

Half day at work today because we had a doctor appointment this afternoon.  I was cramming on PowerPoint slides for the training sessions I’ll be running mid-March.

For dinner tonight, I made chunky broccoli soup with a side of cornbread.  And I made the cornbread from scratch–that is, without buying a cornbread "mix".  Both came out good.

I’ve been tired most of the day, but at this point, I still plan on getting up by 4 AM to go to the gym tomorrow.  Going to read now and then it’s off to bed.

Wednesday writing

I just added another 400 words or so to "Depression Baby".  Half of that was in a scene added to the beginning of the story which I think better sets up part of the conflict in the story (and thanks go out to mabfan  for his suggestions on that point).  The rest was scatterings throughout the story to tie in better with the newly introduced conflict.  Things are falling into place and I am definitely feeling like this draft is much better than the first draft.  At this point, the story stands at 4,200 words and I’ve got three or four more scenes to go to finish the second draft. 

Incidentally, the wording of the new first scene came to me at lunch, just as I put my head down for a lunchtime nap.  I pulled out my little black Moleskine notebook that I keep for just such purposes and jotted it down word for word as it came to mind.  It served me well this time because I really like the opening scene.

Monday writing

Just completed more revisions on the second draft of "Depression" baby.  The edits totaled about 300 words.  I’d guess I’m about 75% of the way done and it’s possible I could finish up this draft tomorrow evening.  Still likely to be close to 5,000 words when all is said and done. 

Sunday writing

Just finished about 700 words on the rewrite (second draft) of "Depression Baby".  Some of the time was spent cleaning up the first couple of scenes, which actually read better than I remembered them.  I’m breaking the longer scenes down into smaller segments because I think it helps with the pacing of the story.  Regardless, the story is going to likely grow in the revision, probably to somewhere around 5,000 words or so.

I’m going to aim for another hour of work on it tomorrow evening and see how far along that gets me.

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If they asked me, I could write a book…

I started the rewrite of "Homecoming" this evening.  In two sessions totaling 1.3 hours, I did 903 words.  The rewrite will likely be longer than the original because I’m trying to bring forward more of the setting, which helps to set up some motivation for the activities of the protagonist in the story.  Even so, I managed to eliminate a scene that was completely unnecessary and so things may be a wash so far.  (In the ultimately unnecessary scene, I was trying to put to use some of my experience as a pilot, but I decided that it didn’t add one grain of value to the story and so it’s gone.)

At this pace, I hope to have the rewrite finished by Friday night, get it out to a few people to look at over the weekend, and then get it into the mail Monday or Tuesday of next week.  I’m eager to start on the February story, but not at the risk of sacrificing the quality of this one. 

Back to school

Well, I made it through the day yesterday without feeling overly tired.  I was up at 4 AM and we headed off to bed at 9 PM (after watching Tivo’d episodes of Big Love and Battlestar Galactica).  I didn’t sleep great last night, but my body is still adjusting to the new schedule.  Busy day in the office.  I was in meeting from 11 AM until 4 PM, and as usual, I was the one doing much of the talking.  It was nice to get home from the office and not have to feel bad about not going to the gym–I’d already gone!

We enrolled in a series of "new baby" classes last night.  There’s a 4-day course on childbirth preparation, another course on baby care, and another is a tour of the hospital. These courses take place in the evenings and don’t start until April.  So when the spring arrives, it’s back to school for us.

Apex Magazine is having a special issue and I have a story that fits the theme of the issue well.  Last night I submitted the story to Apex for the special issue.  I also got some additional feedback on "Homecoming" and plan to spend the rest of the week working the various suggestions I’ve received into the story.  I’d like to get it into the mail as soon as possible, but I’d like to make sure it works well before I do.

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First draft of “Homecoming” is done!

The first draft of the story that had a working title of "Cats in the Cradle" is done. I’m now calling the story "Homecoming" and unless I come up with something better in the final draft, that will likely be the title. I did another 1,325 words this evening and overall, I’m pleased with the result. The story can definitely use work, in particular, in unifying the theme throughout each of the 9 scenes. But story is there, and now I’ve just got to bring it to life.

Total words: 4,337 | This session: 1,325 | Net change: +1,330

The story is about 1,000 words longer than I intended, but it is still well shorter than what I usually end up writing and I’m happy about that for two reason: (1) I was aiming for a short story and succeeded and (2) I’ve always wanted to write a story where a long span of time passes in a short span of reading.  In the course of the 4,300 words of this story, morethan 1,300 years go by.

Good writing progress

I did a second session of writing last night where I managed another 800 words or so, making the total for yesterday 1,500 words. This evening, after word, I headed up to the office/guest room and in roughly an hour and a half, added another 1,400+ words to the story. It feels very good and the story is nearing it’s conclusion. At this pace, I expect to wrap up the first draft tomorrow evening.

"Cats in the Cradle"
Total words: 3,007 | This session: 1,463 | Since last update: +2,304

It’s getting to the point where I need to start thinking about what the final title of the story will be.  A couple of possibilities are coming to mind.  I probably won’t give it a final title until it’s finished, however.

Lunchtime writing–surprise!

It was my plan to read during lunch today, but the as I read, I kept thinkingabout one of the stories I’ve been working on. Often times, I jot down a note or two and come back to the story later, but given how poor I’ve felt my writing to be lately, I thought I should take advantage of the feeling. I set aside the book and proceeded to write. Two full scenes and part of a third. And I’m pleased with the results. It’s not crap. I did 700 words of "Cats in the Cradle" in just under an hour. However, I tossed away the 1,000 or so words I’d already written before this (they were crap) and so, things stand as follows:

"Cats in the Cradle":
Total words: 703 | This session: 703 | Net change: -350

I’ve left off at a point from which I am looking forward to continue, so it’s possible there will be some more writing tonight.

Cleaning day

Today was supposed to be our cleaning day, and to that end, I think we did a pretty good job.  I cleaned two of the three bathrooms today ( I would have cleaned all three but I forgot about the last one and never got back to it).  I vacuumed downstairs.  Kelly put away all of the holiday decorations and did laundry.  And we tried to stay warm.

We did go out for a short walk early this afternoon.  Ultimately, I cut it short, however, because it really was cold out today.

At 2:30 PM, I played Tiger Woods 2009 online with John from work.  We played Doral and he ended up beating me 66-56 over 18 holes.  I couldn’t seem to put well, but otherwise, I played very good.  We both aced the #5 par 3.  And I had a couple of eagles, including a par 4 eagle.  But I just couldn’t get the putting under control and that’s what cost me.  Still, it was a lot of fun, and the first time I’ve ever played online.

I did some writing this afternoon, about 600 words of "Rescue", but I thought what I wrote was pretty bad.  You know when it’s good and you know when it’s bad.  This was just one of those times when it was definitely not good.  I am generally even tempered and not sensitive about my writing, even when it is not great, but this was just bad, plain and simple.  I kept writing for the sake of getting words on the page, which is what everyone says to do, but they were just words, and not very good ones I’m afraid.  On the rare times when this happens, it tends to mess with my attitude for the rest of the day and I’m afraid I wasn’t in the best of moods thereafter.

Kelly and I went out to Sports Authority so that she could pick up some Under Armor for our trip to New York City next weekend.  The temperatures are not expected to get out of the twenties.

My new Oakley sunglasses that Kelly got me as a Christmas present have some kind of defect with one of the arms and I have to take it in to see if I can get it exchanged.  (According to the receipt, this should be no problem.)  We’ll see how that goes.