James Gunn’s online writing workshop is being offered again

Science fiction Grand Master James Gunn is once again offering his online writing workshop on science fiction. If you have always wanted to write science fiction and considered doing a workshop to improve your skills, you couldn’t pick a better online workshop than this one. I should know, I went through the workshop in the […]

Wedding prep

We’re one week away from the Big Day, and this weekend is all about wedding prep.  We were both tired last night and went to bed around 10 AM.  We were up shortly after 7 AM, after a good night’s sleep.  I had an appointment at Saturn this morning to get the alignment on my car […]

Today’s writing and reading

Was made up entirely of the first two critiques of full stories for the workshop.  A total of 4,600 words worth of critiquing.  Also I got some good feedback on my story.  Once I have the rest, I can move on to the second draft.  There are 5 more stories to critique but none have been submitted […]

First draft of the workshop story is done!

In what is by far my best marathon writing session of the entire year, I have as of two minutes ago, finished the first draft of my workshop story.  I just finished 4,100 words in a single writing session.  For my non-writer friends that’s the equivalent of about 20 manuscript pages.  It took me four hours which […]

Wrapping up

Today marks the end of the fiscal year and I more or less finished my part of a multi-year project in which we developed a sophisticated, web-based project portfolio management system for our research units.  6 of our 8 units are in production as of today, and that’s what we needed to meet our goal.  Beginning […]

Workshop progress

I did just over 1,200 words at lunch today, bringing my workshop story to 6,500 words.  The scene I wrote today, however, will likely replace a few shorter scenes so I don’t know what the actual total will be.  I still plan on getting some more writing done later this evening, but I’m pretty happy with what […]

Workshop progress

Another good night’s sleep last night.  That’s two nights in a row!  Tonight, we head up to NJ and then tomorrow, we are in New York City for the second-to-last game at Yankee stadium. Despite the busyness at work, and the various wedding-related items (only 3 weeks away!), I am pleased with the progress I’ve made […]

Grow old along with me

We overslept today.  It was almost 7 AM before we finally crawled out of bed.   Once again, I had a pretty rotten night’s sleep.  The first half wasn’t so bad, but then, sometime in the middle of the night, an alarm clock went off that shouldn’t have gone off and that got us both restless for […]

The roads must roll

Just finished up 4 scene critiques for the writers workshop.  Professor Gunn has us working on "setting" this week.  I think I have two more critiques to write, but those scenes haven’t been submitted yet so there’s not much I can do. Very productive day at work today.  My Universal Importer for the Big Application we’ve been […]

Bloom carries over 130 varieties of coffee*

Another weird night’s sleep last night, but better than the night before. We were up just a little late this morning and headed into work. I had anotherfull day of coding, punctuated by a meeting in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. I felt pretty productive today. At lunch, I finally wrote the […]


I was moody this evening for reasons I can’t really explain.  I’m rarely moody, but there I was this evening, with a little bit of inexplicable attitude.  Saturday too.  I blame it on the fact that I spent all day in "programmer mode" (I was in a lesser "programmer mode" on Saturday).  But still, that doesn’t really seem […]


A character in my workshop story is a fan of D. D. Harriman, for purposes that become more clear as the story progresses. Anyway, I was doing some brainstorming tonight, some mind-mapping (since the writing really wasn’t working) and I decided to go back and read Robert Heinlein’s story "Requiem", in which Harriman is the […]