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Workout #8 (Chest/back)

I didn’t get up this morning at 4 AM.  I felt nauseous for most of the night for some reason and when 4 AM rolled around, I felt like the gym would be anti-productive.  However, I did head to the gym once I got home this afternoon.

Today was chest/back day and I did pretty good today.  I lifted a total of 16,410 pounds compared to the 12,180 pounds from a week ago.  I’ve gradually upped the weight on the bench press, although I’m still 50 pounds below my peak.  I managed to do three sets of flat bench presses today as well as three sets of decline presses.  I got in another 100 crunches, although that last set of 40 was a doozy.

I do plan on being up at 4 AM tomorrow and into the gym for cardio by 5 AM.

Workout #7 (Cardio)

Up at 3:50 AM, had cereal for breakfast, read for about 50 minutes and then headed to the gym for a 40 minute cardio workout, followed by a full group of chest in preparation for a full chest/back workout tomorrow.  I watched season 1, episode 2 of Greatest American Hero while doing the cardio workout.  Speed is definitely up and the cardio workout felt good.  I also added a little weight on the chest press, but found that on the last set of pushups, I could barely make 10, let alone 15.

Lunch is packed, I’m showered and ready for work.  Going to read more of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN until I head into the office. 

Workout #6 (Arms/shoulders)

Well, I did it!  I completed my 6th workout for the week.  I managed 3 full strength workouts this weeks and 3 full cardio workouts, and I’m pretty happy with my first week back to a disciplined workout routine.  I’m hoping to keep up the pace this week.

I was up at about 8 AM, made some scrambled eggs and then had a bowl of cereal.  I headed to the gym just about 9 AM.  I did a full arms and shoulders workout, lifting a total of 12,145 pounds.  That’s still about 5,000 pounds short of my best, but I’m just getting back into things and I was very satisfied with how I did today.  The toughest things were the pull-ups.  I was setting out to do sets of 6 and I managed 5 for the first set and 3 each for the remaining two sets.  But, they were in the last workout group so my arms were already pretty tired.  It’s something to work toward.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my day off from workouts, and then it’s back to it first thing Monday morning.

Workout #5 (Cardio)

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get to the gym this morning, but I did go tonight, making me 5 for 5 this week.  I headed to the gym at about 8 PM for 40 minutes of cardio, followed by a full group of arm and shoulder exercises.  My lower body is very sore today–hard to climb the stairs, get into or out of the car, even get up from my chair.  But the cardio workout felt good and the 40 minutes flew by, in part thanks to watching some of Band of Brothers on my iPhone while I worked out.

I plan another workout tomorrow–a full arms/shoulders workout.  Tomorrow will also be the worst day of soreness for lower body.  But I’ll muddle through the day nevertheless.

Catching up on NEW SCIENTIST this weekend.  Going to read a bit before heading off to bed. 

Workout #4 (Lower body)

Up at 3:45 AM.  Had three scrambled eggs, toast and juice for breakfast.  I read for about 30 minutes and the headed across to the gym.  It was freezing out–single digits with the wind chill, but fortunately, the gym is right across the street.

Today was lower body day.  I debated going into Bally’s to do this workout, but I managed to come up with three full groups of exercises using the equipment available at Avalon’s gym.  All told, I did 17,490 pounds of lower body lifting this morning.  If that sounds like a lot, compare it to the 23,280 pounds I was doing back in October 2007.  Nevertheless, I didn’t overdo things and I didn’t strain myself (although I must say three sets of stationary lunges with 40 pounds of weight for a total of 36 reps in each leg really pushes my limits).

Much of my upper body soreness is gone, although I was usually stiff in the muscles at the top back of my shoulders.  It hurt to do jumping jacks.  But I pressed on.

I’m very pleased that I’ve got four days in a row.  I’m also pleased that I am mostly sticking to my diet (last night I had 3 chocolate chip cookies).  We have a doctor appointment in the morning tomorrow, and normally I’d be able to sleep in a little, but I’m planning to be up at 4 AM again.  It takes me about 3 weeks to form a habit.  If I can keep this up consistently for 3 weeks, it should stick–thus getting up early tomorrow.

Workout #3 (Cardio)

Up at 4 AM after getting to bed a little earlier last night.  Still not a great night’s sleep, but not terrible either.  I had cereal for breakfast and then read for about half and hour before heading to the gym.  I did 40 minutes of cardio.  I picked up the pace a bit this time, particularly during the second half of the workout (I was watching part 3 of Band of Brothers).  After the elliptical I did one full group of lower body exercises in preparation for the lower body workout tomorrow.

I felt a little tired just before heading into work this morning, but I’m fighting it off as best I can.  This is still an adjustment period and my body is getting used to getting up at 4 AM each day.  (Actually, I’ve been trying to wake up a little before 4 so that I can shut off the alarm before it goes off and wakes up Kelly too.)  Still, I’m pleased that I’ve done three days in a row.  So far, so good.

Workout #2 (Chest/back)

Up at 4 AM and after a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, I headed to the gym at 4:50.  I got in a full strength workout, including the usual 5 minutes of cardio warm-ups.  I’m starting back at the beginning, not trying to overdo things and not trying to strain myself.  I did a total of 12,180 lbs this morning working chest and back.  Mixed in were nearly 100 crunches of various types.  Felt good once again to get the workout done early and have it out of the way for the rest of the day, especially since the weather has turned nasty with freezing rain and snow expected today and tomorrow.

Workout #1 (Cardio)

I did it!  I was up at 4 AM.  I headed downstairs and had a bowl of cereal for breakfast (since I was only planning a cardio workout this morning).  I then sat down to read more of Beyond Band of Brothers.  At about 4:55, I headed across the street to the gym.  There were two other people there when I got there, but the cardio machines were wide open.  I did a 40 minute cardio workout on the elliptical machine (while watching the pilot episode of Greatest American Hero, which I downloaded from iTunes yesterday).  I kept the pace relatively easy since I don’t want to strain myself.  My right knee got a little sore, but felt much better by the time I was done.

After the cardio workout, I did one full group of arm/ab exercises: 3 sets each of bicep curls, leg lifts, and bench pushups.  The entire workout took just over an hour.  By the time I left the gym at 6 AM, it was significantly more full, so 5 AM is a good time to get there.  I got back to the house, packed my lunch, showered, and now I’m all set to get started on the day.

And so it shall go.  I’m also working to change my diet in order to help with the conditioning.  I’m cutting out a lot of sugars and getting more low-fat for fat-free food items.  I’m cutting down to 1 can of caffeine-free Coke per day, and I’m trying to add a lot more fruits and vegetables to my diet.  All of this is in an effort to get back into the kind of shape I was in during the spring of 2007, and to lose the "sympathy belly" I’ve developed along with Kelly’s pregnancy.  

Since there has been a significant gap since my last consistent workout routine, I’ve decided to start the workout count over so today’s workout was workout #1.  The plan is to do full workouts 6 days a week.  Cardio plus one group of strength training on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will be 3-4 groups of strength training (arms/shoulders, chest/back, and lower body, depending on the day).  Sundays will be light–just abs.  I’m also mixing abs exercises into each of the 6 other days.  Previously, I made Sunday my "free-day" when it came to eating.  I’m planning on being a little more strict this time around, avoiding sugary and fatty foods whenever possible.

As of 7 AM, I’m feeling pretty good.  We’ll see how the day goes and see how tired I feel around 8 PM this evening.

Meetings, meetings, meetings

Yup, one of those days.  I was up at 6 AM, headed downstairs to feed the cats and pack my lunch.  Strangely, when I was done packing my lunch, I still didn’t hear the shower going. Kelly was still asleep.  I got her up and then came back down to eat breakfast.  A little while later we were off to work.

I had lots of meetings today.  They started at 10:30 and ran straight through until 4 PM.  It’s hard to make progress on a day like that because any work you end up doing is fragmented.

I did manage to get to Sunglass Hut and exchange my new (defective) sunglasses for a non-defective pair.  It was pretty easy, no hassles and now I’ve got a properly working pair of sunglasses.  I also made an appointment with our financial advisor (family planning stuff) for next week.

After work, Kelly went straight to the gym and I ate some dinner.  Later in the evening I made brownies so that I had something to pack in my lunch (we ran out of cookies).  Just before 8 PM, I headed to the gym and did a 40 minute cardio workout.  A little knee pain this time, but it gradually went away.

Not much reading today, but I hope to get some done tonight before heading off to bed.  No writing.  After yesterday’s debacle, I figure I could use a night or two off to allow myself to regroup.

The Museum of American History

We had a lazy Saturday morning and finally got our act together and headed out for a while.  We took the metro downtown to Archives and then walked to the newly remodeled Museum of American History, where we spent a couple of hours wandering around the exhibits.  It is a remodel of the museum, and there isn’t a whole lot that’s new, but it is one of my favorite museums and I had a good time looking through some of the familiar exhibits in their newly remodeled environment.  (There’s that giant doll house, for instance, which I like for the sheer recursiveness of it:  inside one of the bedrooms is a toy doll house!)  The one thing I miss from the museum (and it was gone long before the remodeling) is the old Civil Engineering exhibit, with diaramas of bridges and tunnels.  That was so cool.  I wonder what happened to it?  It was replaced by America on the Move, which is nice, but I liked the bridges and tunnels better.

On our way home we stopped at the grocery store to do some shopping.  The rest of the evening was spent quietly at home.  It was pretty cold today and it was nice to have a full belly and a warm fireplace to relax next to.

Saturday evening I went to the gym.  First, I went with Kelly, early (6 PM-ish) thinking it wouldn’t be crowded, but it was and my elliptical machines were occupied.  I went back later, around 8 PM and it was much less crowded.  I got in a 45 minute cardio workout.  I’ve been watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica while I do these cardio workouts because they make the time seem to pass by faster.  I watch them on my iPhone.  About 30 minutes into the workout, the phone rang, and so I spoke to strausmouse  while I continued to workout.  I was pleased with the workout because it meant that I got in all three full cardio workouts this week.

Got through some more of The Best of the Best this evening.  Kelly read through the February issue of PARENTING magazine (and thanks again to he11o_sunshine  and stubiebrother  for that!)

Time to relax!

Good work day today, very productive.  Bad weather day, lots of rain and general nastiness.  We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some things.  I made ravioli for dinner, mine with pasta sauce, Kelly’s with chicken soup broth.  Yum!  It hit the spot.  No interesting mail today.  I got some writing done earlier while Kelly did some work (she brought it home with her this evening).  Just before 8 PM, I headed over to the gym and did a 40 minute cardio workout.  It felt good.  I haven’t started back up on strength workouts yet.  I’m easing back into it.  That’s what I tell myself.  Spoke to Dad for about 30 minutes this evening.

Now showered and done for the evening.  It’s finally time to relax.  I’ve barely been able to start The Best of the Best, a mere 2 pages into Greg Bear’s "Blood Music", but I plan on making some progress tonight.  With some cookies and milk and a fire in the fireplace.  Peace! 

Monday workout

I got in my first  full cardio workout in a really long time this evening.  I headed down to the gym just after 8 PM (hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded) and did 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, plus a 5 minute cool down.  It felt good throughout.  I didn’t try to push myself, kept the pace relatively easy.  No problems with my knee.  At least I got the workout in.  Tomorrow should be the first strength workout in a while.

I’m trying to get back to a good diet as well.  I had cereal and toast for breakfast today.  I brought an apple-cinnamon breakfast bar for a mid-morning snack.  For lunch I had a turkey sandwich, some pretzels, and an apple.  Mid-afternoon was carrots and for dinner I made scrambled eggs.  I’m a little hungry again and may have to dig up some fruit before going to bed.