Early night

Busy day at work today.  Progress on some fronts, but more delays on others.  We stopped at the grocery store after work and picked up a few things, and when we got home, I made my apple, ale and cheddar soup again.  It was good, but not quite as good as the first time.  Too much […]

Under pressure

Boy, we had planned everything out so well for the wedding that I was certain that these last few days would be calm and relaxed; they are anything but.  Lots of last minute errands, lots of people in town, running around.  I can barely catch my breath.  Not in a bad way–it’s just busy. Despite having 7 […]

We’re on vacation!

Up and into work this morning.  It was one of those days that seemed to grow steadily more hectic as the day progressed.  I kept an eye on Doug’s flights, and I headed home around lunchtime to wait for him to arrive.  They got here shortly after noon, and it was really good to see them.  The […]

Where guests begin arriving

We drove into work this morning and as we pulled toward the parking lot, I realized that we forgot the parking pass. We had to come home to get it. Fortunately, we live close by. Busy work day today. Trying to wrap stuff up before I head off on vacation. I worked steadily until 2 […]

Wedding prep

We’re one week away from the Big Day, and this weekend is all about wedding prep.  We were both tired last night and went to bed around 10 AM.  We were up shortly after 7 AM, after a good night’s sleep.  I had an appointment at Saturn this morning to get the alignment on my car […]

First of all, it was October, a rare month for boys

It’s hard to believe that it’s October already!  Harder to believe that we’re only 10 days away from our wedding.  Still lots of little things linger around to do, but we’re getting there; and at least there’s nothing major–at the moment–that’s overly stressing either of us.  I’m trying to dig up my travel checklists from […]

House elf

We started the day with various errands and tasks.  We ran over to Home Depot to look at grills, but decided to wait until we got back from our vacation before buying anything.  We also wrapped up several wedding-related tasks.  (Only two weeks to go!)  Kelly made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Yum! Then […]

Wrapping up

Today marks the end of the fiscal year and I more or less finished my part of a multi-year project in which we developed a sophisticated, web-based project portfolio management system for our research units.  6 of our 8 units are in production as of today, and that’s what we needed to meet our goal.  Beginning […]

Financial “crisis”, part 1

Yesterday was the last real crunch day at work.  Today and Friday will still be busy, but I think I got through my tough part yesterday.  I’ve been working steadily all morning, but the pressure feels somewhat off.  Two more days left in the fiscal year, and we may actually meet our project goal. Kelly and I worked […]

On all 8 cylinders

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems you are running on all 8-cylinders?  Where everything moves smoothly and seamlessly, almost effortlessly? Today was not one of those days. It was, in fact, an incredibly busy, fragmented day at work.  It was one of those days where I was in two meetings […]

Reading and writing

Another busy day at work today.  I managed to find myself in meetings from 11 AM until 3 PM.  Looks like I’ve got the same schedule on the books for tomorrow, too. I finished John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades at lunch today.  I loved it.  I was very tempted to rate it 4.5 stars, but in nearly 400 books, I’ve […]

Any given Sunday

For such a productive day, I’ve felt pretty darn lazy today.  Maybe it’s the 95 degree temperatures and 95% humidity. I slept in a little later than usual, but we didn’t got to bed until around midnight last night anyway, so time-wise, it was pretty standard.  But I did sleep well. We had our dance lesson […]

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