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Friday evening arrivals

Headed home from work at 4 PM. Kelly had her first flex-day today and so she was home. Around 6:30 or so, her parents arrived. We had moved Kelly’s car onto the street so that they could park in our driveway. Shortly thereafter, I heard from he11o_sunshine: their train was delayed a few hours and they were going to try and get on another train. They called back later; they managed to get on the 8 PM regional train and would be in D.C. around 11:30 PM. Kelly and I and her parents walked over to Shirlington for dinner at Capital City Brewery. We walked home through a light rain afterward. Sat around talking, watched some Olympics, and finally shortly after 11 PM, Kelly and I headed out to Union Station to pick up Mom, Jen, and Jason.

We timed it perfectly. They were just getting off the train and we didn’t have to wait for them at all. We headed back to the house, introduced people all around. Kelly’s parents headed up to bed. The rest of us sat around chatting for a while, and finally, around 1:30 AM, headed off to bed. I’d been wired so around 1 AM, I took 2 Tylenol PMs to help ensure that I would sleep. Kelly and I slept on an inflatable mattress in the family room. Apparently, around 3:30 AM or so, the mattress had collapsed in around us. I was dead to the world and didn’t notice, but Kelly, who found it uncomfortable to sleep in a collapsed mattress, had moved to the couch.

House guests and meetings

Got home just after 4 PM yesterday and vacuumed the entire house, took out the trash and recycling, and tidied up a bit. Carmen arrived just as I was about to pick up Kelly. I dashed up to Pentagon City while Carmen waited patiently at the new place. When we got back home, we gave Carmen a tour of the new house. Shortly thereafter, Leanna arrived, and finally Jen. Carmen brought us a bottle of wine and Jen came bearing cupcakes from Cakelove. We sat around talking, drinking beer, having a good time. We ordered some pizzas and ate them, and also had some of the cupcakes that Jen brought over. Around 9 PM, everyone headed home. It was a lot of fun. Kelly and I watched another episode of Dexter before heading off for bed. I had some trouble falling asleep, so I went downstairs and read another chapter in The Science of Science Fiction Writing.

Up this morning before 6 AM. Today is Kelly’s Friday off (she gets every other Friday off because she works 9 hour days). That’s a good thing because we have more guests coming in for the weekend. Kelly’s parents should arrive sometime late this afternoon. rubysnina, he11o_sunshine, and stubiebrother get in around 10:30 tonight.

Normally, Friday’s are relatively quiet days in the office. Not today. Somehow, I managed to get wrangled into meetings for the majority of the day. The first one is at 11:30 AM and after that I’m stuck in meetings until 4 PM. Odd for a Friday.

Thursday morning

Up at 6 AM. I noticed that the old TV, DVD player, microwave, and a few other items were removed from the trash pile overnight. None of them work right (and the microwave doesn’t work at all) but maybe whoever took them can fix them and get some use out of them. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also remove the DirecTV post that has been in my front yard these past 5 years. It’s strange not seeing it there now.

My arm wasn’t too bad when I woke up this morning, but it got cranky as soon as I lifted up my backpack.

Kelly and I took the train into work. I head to Boston tomorrow and Dad heads out here. Kelly is picking me up from the airport Saturday night. Dad and I have a Tigers/Orioles game on Sunday. I printed my plane ticket for tomorrow. I have a small amount of packing to do (I’m only staying one night) this evening. My flight it at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Busy morning at work but I was pretty productive. I’ve got a meeting coming up in about 25 minutes and then my schedule is more or less clear for the rest of the day.

Monday morning

I got to sleep in a little because I was working from home this morning. I woke up around 6:30, when Zeke got sick on my bed. Turned out he was fine, just the usual cat getting sick, but I get anxious whenever he does this because of problems he’s had in the past. He was happy 5 minutes later so I didn’t have much to worry about.

I started working at 7 AM and worked fairly steadily until just before 11 AM, when Dad and I headed to the Metro station. We took the train down to L’Enfant, where we said goodbye. Dad headed out to Dulles and I headed into work. The next time Dad is out is one week before I move and the house should be all packed up at that point.

My plan is to try and squeeze in an arm and shoulder workout some time today, if I can. I also need to mow the front yard and will try and do that after work. And writing? I can’t seem to find the time lately, but I am trying.

Dad is in town!

Busy work day today. I worked something like 9 hours without even attempting to take a break. I skipped the gym and today was supposed to be my first lower body workout since starting back up at the gym again.

I did start reading Carl Sagan’s The Cosmic Connection, one of the only books of his that I have not yet read.

Dad got in on schedule and I met him at the P.G. Plaza metro after work. We stopped back at the house for a little while, and then headed to Franklin’s for dinner.

Burgers, beers and soups

Dad is in town this weekend. He got here late yesterday afternoon, and then got to spend the evening with me at the animal hospital in Annapolis. We went back there this morning to collect Zeke, who, by the way, is supposed to be drinking more water, and is not only drinking more, but is now playing in it!

Once Zeke was home (and I was relieved), we decided to get out of the house for a while. First, we headed to Silver Spring for lunch at Five Guys. I’d never been there before, but wanted to go, since people have said that Five Guys is a lot like In-n-Out. I have to beg to differ. The burger was good, I’ll grant that, but it was no In-n-Out burger. For one thing, the buns were different. For another, there was no thousand island dressing or whatever it is they put in their Double-Doubles. And the meat wasn’t seasoned the same way. And forget the fries! Although Five Guys creatively posts the type of potatoes being used that day for their fries, they were no where near as good as In-n-Out. Don’t get me wrong, the food was good. It just doesn’t compare to In-n-Out in my opinion.

Later in the afternoon, we headed downtown to walk around for a bit. The weather cooled off today so it was only in the upper 80s, which was a pleasant change. We walked to the National Air and Space Museum and browsed around there for half an hour or so, and then continued walking around until we ended up at Austin Grill, where we had some beer and where I had chips and guacamole.

After that we headed home and relaxed for a while. Zeke got into a playful mood and I was overjoyed to see him happy and not uncomfortable. We played for a while and then both Zeke and I dozed off (with his chin on my arm) for a little while.

We went to Franklin’s for dinner. I wasn’t hungry, but Dad wanted the crab cakes. We also got some of their special microbrews, which were pretty good. I found an outstanding Cheddar Beer Soup on the menu. I think it was new because I don’t remember seeing it before. It was delicious! When we got home, we watched about half of Road to Bali and by then I was pretty tired so I decided to head off to bed, read for a while, and then head off to sleep.

I got a very nice thank you note from vickyandnorm in the mail today (thanking me for their wedding gifts). There’s a very cute picture of Vicky and Norm and two of their friends on the front of the thank you card–but, alas, it is not the picture that I suggested they use. I suspect they were too self-conscious to use that one.

Take me out to the ballgame

This morning, Jen, Jason and I headed to Plato’s Diner for breakfast. I’d never been there before, although I’d past by it many times. After breakfast, we headed up to Baltimore for the ballgame.

Jen headed to the Inner Harbor and Jason and I went to the game. We stayed for 6 full innings before we had to leave so that I could take them to the bus stop in downtown Baltimore for their ride back to New York. Jen managed to get some shopping done for our big trip, which is only about 3 weeks away.

The Orioles were losing 3-1 to Colorado when we left the game. The ended up losing 6-1.

Saturday in D.C.

We were all up by about 8:30 AM and headed to IHOP for breakfast. After breakfast, we headed back to the house and then across the street to the park. Jason and I threw a ball around while Jen sat on a bench and read. It wasn’t too long before my right arm was aching and I needed to call it quits.

We walked around the neighborhood and through the gardens at the Riversdale Mansion, and then finally back to the house, where we watched TV for a while, while Jen took a nap.

Eventually, we headed downtown to Austin Grill, and sat outside, having some drinks and appetizers. The weather was perfect, especially in the shade, with a very nice breeze blowing and we sat around for a while soaking it all up. We had 5:30 PM tickets to see Ocean’s 13 and so after leaving the restaurant, we took a leisurely walk along the Mall, heading toward Foggy Bottom, and finally, Georgetown, where we saw the movie.

After the movie, we walked to the waterfront and eventually ended up a Sequoia, where we waited at the bar for about 45 minutes until our table was ready. We got an outdoor table, and had a leisurely, late dinner. I had the steak filet and it was delicious, as was the chocolate cake I had for dessert. By the time dinner was over, I think we were all pretty tired and we walked back to the Foggy Bottom metro station, and lucked out: we didn’t have to wait long for either of the trains we took back home. It was a fun day, but a long one.

Abbreviated Happy Hour

This was a long, busy week at work so several of us decided to head out for an abbreviated happy hour. Leanna, Carmen, Todd, Paraag and myself headed to Champps and chatted over a few beers before we all split up for the weekend. It was very hot and humid out today and the beers helped to cool things down.

I got home around 7:30 PM and straightened up the house in preparation for Jen and Jason’s arrival later tonight. In fact, I got home just in time to watch the space shuttle Atlantis launch, the first shuttle launch of 2007.

Jen and Jason are due in sometime between 10 and 11 PM. I’m going to drive out to Bethesda to pick them up from the bus stop because at that time of night, it’s faster to drive than for them to take the train.

When I got home this evening, the skies opened up briefly for a passing thunderstorm. It poured for a few minutes, and then just as quickly, the sun came out again. It rained long enough for my car to get a decent washing, however.

I’m on vacation three weeks from tonight!

Softball pictures

I didn’t get to bed until after midnight and then was up at 5:30 AM to come into work. I was supposed to have a 9 AM meeting with our Europe office but the meeting was canceled.

We had our fifth softball game last night. We had our biggest turnout yet, in terms of players and supporters and our biggest victory ever, with an astonishing 35-7 win over New Mexico. I had 2 triples and a home run, and everyone on the team was hitting the ball. Once again, we played excellent defense, holding our opponents to 7 runs over 7 innings.

I have posted pictures from the game.

he11o_sunshine and jkashlock come into town late tonight. It’s a good thing they’re getting in late because the temperatures are going to reach near 100 degrees today.

One Sunday, two breakfasts

I was up sometime around 7:30 AM when I noticed that the power was out in the house. (Ironic, because the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article I had been reading was called “Preventing Blackouts” by Massoud Amin and Phillip F. Schewe (May 2007)) Jen said she’d heard a gunshot-like sound and I figured it was a transformer. Later in the morning, I heard some repair trucks and after about an hour, the power went back on.

We had breakfast at IHOP and then headed to Buddy Attick lake for a walk around the lake, which was very pleasant. It was a beautiful day out. Afterwards, we headed back to the house and Jen packed up her things and we headed downtown.

We took the Green line to Mt. Vernon Square and then walked over the M and 10th, where Jason was staying with his friends. They were cooking a big brunch (thus, one Sunday, two breakfasts). We spent a few hours there and it was fun. We listened to retro-80s music while eating omelettes and hash browns and bacon and drinking mimosas and bloody mary’s.

At about 3 PM, Jen and Jason headed for their bus and I headed home. I spent much of the rest of the afternoon dividing my time between trying to finish up the May 2007 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and napping. The remainder of the day ended up being equally lazy.

Saturday morning

I got a pretty good night’s sleep last night and I was up at about 7:30 this morning, and spent some time browsing online. In noticed that Tangent Online recently reviewed issue #4 of Intergalactic Medicine Show, touching briefly on each story in the issue. (In fact, the magazine has reviewed all of the first 4 issues of IGMS.)

Jen’s train looks like it will be arriving 5 minutes early; she’s scheduled to get in at 10:15. We plan on heading to Georgetown for brunch, and then up to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor later this afternoon. (And we have dinner reservations at Ruth’s Chris up in the Inner Harbor; I am craving their steak!)

I’m about 500 pages through In Joy Still Felt. I probably won’t quite finish it by the 30th, but it will be close. I’m taking a break from it today in order to catch up on magazines. I’m trying to read through the magazines that I receive as close to the day that I receive them as I can. I have two on which to go through today, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and mental_floss. Rather than lug my big book downtown with me, I’m taking the magazines and see how much I can get through.

It’s overcast right now, but it should be comfortable today, with highs reaching near 70 degrees. I noted that on Tuesday, the highs here in the Metro, D.C. area will hit 91 degrees! (And less than a month earlier, it was still freezing and snowing!)

Yanks dropped their 7th in a row, giving them the dubious honor of having the 2nd worst record in all of baseball (Kansas City is still the worse, but perhaps not for long). I love my Yankees, but I am simply not as emotionally attached this year because I can’t afford to invest the time watching every game as I did last year. Still, I have every confidence that they will turn things around and sports writers will be talking about their incredible comeback after such an abysmal start to the season.