Yanks are winning, so off to bed

I watched the Yankee game through 4-1/2 innings and now that they are winning 6-2, I think it’s safe for me to head off to bed. I have to be up at 4:30 AM for a 6 AM session with Bernard so I need to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully the Yanks can maintain their […]

Congratulations Norm and Vicky!

Just a word of congratulations to Norm and Vicky (a.k.a. vickyandnorm)on their very recent engagement this past weekend. Norm proposed to Vicky at the end of the grand finale of a fireworks display they’d gone to watch in Connecticut. Talk about seeing stars! I talked to both of them shortly thereafter and they both sounded […]

Nanuet, Day 3, weekend wrapup

Norm and I had breakfast this morning while Vicky was out bringing home the bacon. In the early afternoon, we decided to head down to Nyack for the street fair they were holding. I’d been to the Nyack street fair at least once before but it had been a really long time ago. Almost immediately, […]

Nanuet, Day 2: Geocaching and a Concert

Try as I might to sleep in late this morning, I was up by 8 AM. Norm, Vicky and I spend the morning chatting and making fun of some of the items in the Rockland County Journal News until Vicky had to go off to her tutoring session. Vicky has taken on this second job […]

In Nanuet

I arrived in Nanuet half an hour later than predicted, mainly because there was a massive amount of traffic in Newark. The song playing at the time I pulled into Norm & Vicky’s place was #73 “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. We went to Martio’s for pizza for dinner and then came back to Norm […]

To New York this weekend!

I am heading up to New York this weekend to spend the weekend with Norm and Vicky, who apparently have all sorts of exciting things planned (pizza at Martios, some kind of concert on Saturday night, some geocaching, etc.) Even though it’s only Wednesday, I’m already getting antsy about the week being over and I […]

At Day At Shea

For the first time in more than 20 years, I went to a ball game at Shea Stadium, courtesy of Norm and Vicky, where were given three tickets to the game. We had great seats in the Mezzanine Box (section 2, box 504C, seats 4-6) right behind home plate and had a great view of […]

The Rainbow Room

Well, the Rainbow Room Grill was spectacular. We met Norm and Vicky and TGI Friday’s on 5th between 48th and 49th at about 6:30 PM and spent about and hour and half there, having drinks before we headed up to the Rainbow Room. Once we headed up, we were seated at a table with an […]

For Vicky

This entry is for Vicky, who checked in today to make sure I was keeping this blog up-to-date, lest she not know what I had for lunch today. I figure if she saw her name here, she’d be content. Vicky is “special”. You see, she is a Mets fan. Enough said, right? So I try […]

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