And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The b/b’ette parties turned out to be really fun, because most of the time we were all together. Things got started in the lobby of the Dolphin hotel, where everyone was meeting. There were 8 guys: me, Norm, Andy, Scott, Bob and Matt, Norm’s boss. There were also several girls: Lisa, Vicky and Mandy. After […]

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

Today we took on the Magic Kingdom. Lisa and I met Norm and Vicky for breakfast at the Picabu Buffeteria at about 7 AM. I had done a workout so I stuffed my plate with protein: scrambled eggs, bacon, and some fruit. The eggs were terrible, like something squeezed out of a tube or sprayed […]

That’s what she said

Just a quick post to say that the trip is loads of fun so far. I haven’t had much time to post because we’ve been out and about, but I will get caught up, just perhaps a day or two later than usual. I have been taking pictures, which I will get posted soon too. […]

And now for a brief Jamie’s blog interlude

Good Morning, Jamie fans! This is Lisa, alternately known here as kruppenheimer who says she doesn’t get mentioned enough in this blog (I wish I knew how to make my name do that linky thing Jamie always does to his friends, but I’m a livejournal novice … Sorry.). So, here we are at Disneyworld, and […]

Disaster! Averted!

I left for the airport at about noon for my 2:45 PM flight to Orlando. I had to make a stop at the post office in order to mail away my tax papers to my new tax person. Once that was done I was on the road and it didn’t take me long to get […]


I’m heading out the door in less than an hour for my one and only mini-vacation between now and July and I am so excited! I nearly screamed a big loud, “Whoo-hoo!” as I left the office this morning. At this point, I’m all packed up. The house is in order. The chores are done. […]


In more of less of a panic that I wouldn’t know what to say at Norm and Vicky’s wedding, I decided today to actually jot down a few words. Actually, about 600 of them. (That’s really not a lot, considering it takes less than 3 minutes to speak them outloud.) I’ve read through it once, […]

March madness

Apparently, we have entered a phenomenon known as March Madness, as evidence by the seemingly dozens of college basketball games on in the bar last night during happy hour. People really get into this March Madness. There are these “bracket” boards all over the place and people try to guess who will end up as […]

Rainbow Room Dinner 2007

Rainbow Room 2007 Originally uploaded by jamietr. The eight of us (AJ, Denisse, Jen, Jason, Kevin, Vicky, Norm, and myself) all met the W at Union Square around 6:30 PM and after checking into our rooms, decided to head straight to the restaurant because the bar at the hotel was packed. So we packed into […]


Way back when, vickyandnorm asked me if I would make some remarks at their upcoming wedding. I hadn’t thought much about it until I was at the gym this morning, when, halfway through a difficult chest press, I finally got my “theme”. That was all I needed and most of what I want to say […]

Thank you

I received a thank you card in the mail today from Norm and Vicky. It made me laugh because it was written in the first person. “I am sure we will…”, “I can’t wait…”, etc. I never realized Norm has such girlish handwriting. All of the other mail I received was junk, except for something […]

In the city with friends

I didn’t go the gym on Saturday, but it wouldn’t have worked out, given the time constraints that I had. Instead, I went out to get some wrapping paper for Norm and Vicky’s gifts and then jen_ashlock was kind enough to help wrap the gifts, as I am a terrible wrapper. Now that Norm and […]

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