Happy Birthday, Vicky!

Just wanted to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Vicky half of vickyandnorm. I hope you have a great (comfortable) birthday. Well done! Take two episodes of CSI Miami out of petty cash.

Rainbow Room Birthday Bash 2008

Saturday began early for I was anxious to see everyone and wanted to get an early start. Kelly and I had gone to bed around midnight and I was up at 6:40 AM. I showered and then headed downstairs to sit on the couch and read until everyone else woke up. Kelly was up early […]

Happy Anniversary, Norm and Vicky!

Just wanted to wish a quick HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to vickyandnorm. It’s hard to believe that a year ago today we were all in Dinsey World and you guys were getting married. Congratulations and many more to come!

Disney World, Day 2

Today was Magic Kingdom day.  We were up at around 7:30 AM and met for breakfast just after 8 AM.  One of the cool things Norm did was get us a 50% discount on all hotel food, so our meals were cheap.  So we ate a cheap, but yummy breakfast and then headed out to […]

Disney World, Day 1

As it turned out, all travel arrangements worked out perfectly yesterday. Kelly and I got to Dulles, were through security in two minutes, and made our way to the Red Carpet Club. We had a couple of drinks there before catching our 9:35 PM flight to Orlando. Our flight was on time and arrived 5 […]

Book-ends and cat condos

I mentioned over the weekend that vickyandnorm got Zeke and I a few gifts when we went to visit. Norm and Vicky got me a set of typewriter bookends that we once saw in a store and I love them. I took some pictures of them this evening. They gave Zeke a cat condo, too, […]

New York weekend, day 1

[Written on November 12, 2007] Kelly and I hit the road at 7 AM. The GPS predicted a 11:12 AM arrival in Stony Point at vickyandnorm‘s house. We were there at almost exactly 11 AM. Boy, making that drive with someone to talk to in the car makes a huge difference. The time flew by […]

Still sick

I woke up this morning in the full throes of a cold, with all of the associated appurtenances. The NyQuil helped to mute some of them last night, but I didn’t take it during the day. I struggled along through two meetings that I had to be in the office for, but now that they […]

Happy 6 month anniversary!

A happy 6 month anniversary goes out to vickyandnorm. I can’t believe it was six months ago that you guys got married. Man, time flies!

Welcome to the blogging ranks, Vicky and Norm

Those of you who read this regularly will recognize vickyandnorm as fairly regular commenters. Feeling left out of the blogsphere, they have decided to start a blog of their own. Because they are both (a) more witty and (b) more terse than I am, you can be sure that their blog will be funnier and […]

Stony Point, day 3

The food-fest continued this morning as Vicky made some excellent blueberry muffins. Maddie began to come out of her shell and was less shy and more playful this morning as well. After breakfast, I convinced Norm and Vicky that we should take a walk somewhere and Norm led us to what was supposed to be […]

Stony Point, Day 2

Last night was my first night sleeping in the JRMBR (Jamie Rubin Memorial Bedroom) at vickyandnorm‘s new house and it was a very comfortable night indeed. There was even a sound machine that I could have used to listen to crickets, or the sound of the ocean, or white noise, but I didn’t need any […]