Zeke’s vet appointment

Zeke is back from his vet appointment his morning. He had a regular checkup and is doing fine. He also got three shots while he was there: Updated rabies vaccination Feline distemper vaccination Feline leukemia virus vaccination He also needs to have his teeth cleaned and I’m going to schedule him for a cleaning in […]

Still feverish

It’s really strange. I have a fever (and accompanying chills) but no aches, no stuffed up nose or head, and only a slight cough. I just took some more Advil (no NyQuil) during the day and hopefully this thing will run it’s course before the day is over. I was up close to 7 AM […]

Zeke is coming home!

I spoke to Zeke’s doctor a little over an hour again. He is doing fine and can come home. I will be picking him up after work today and it will be good to have him home! I’ve arranged to board him over the weekend while I am in New York, just to be on […]

Brief update on Zeke’s condition

I spoke with the vet this morning. Zeke is doing better. His breathing is still rapid but not as labored as yesterday. He ate twice overnight, which is good considering how nervous he gets. They are going to do some more chest x-rays this afternoon and compare them with yesterday to see how things look. […]

Zeke in the hospital

Zeke is at the vet hospital in Annapolis tonight. He threw up last night and afterwards was having some trouble breathing. This is nothing new with him. This has happened to him twice in the past; the last time was 15 months ago. I took him in as a precaution and the good doctors are […]