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Zeke’s vet appointment

Zeke is back from his vet appointment his morning. He had a regular checkup and is doing fine. He also got three shots while he was there:

  • Updated rabies vaccination
  • Feline distemper vaccination
  • Feline leukemia virus vaccination

He also needs to have his teeth cleaned and I’m going to schedule him for a cleaning in the next couple of months. Apparently, PG County has been cracking down on unlicensed pets. I had no idea you even had to license your pet, but apparently you do. It costs $5 and I have to show proof of neutering as well as his recent rabies shots. I’ll do that in the not too distant future too, even though I think it’s silly.

In any case, I think Zeke is happy to be back home. He hates going out. I also confirmed that he can be boarded at the vet for the three weeks that I will be in Europe this summer. I only need to give them a few weeks notice, but I’ll likely give them more.

Off to run more errands. I’m feeling better now that I’ve taken some Advil.