A rental cottage in Castine, Maine: small-town bliss in a family-friendly setting

We just returned from a vacation up in Castine, Maine. I’ll have more to say about the wonderful time we had on vacation, but before I do, I just had to write a review of the place at which we stayed because it was remarkable and the rest of the world needs to know about […]

Vacation Day 2

Yesterday began with a busy morning, moved into a lazy afternoon, and ended in a delightful evening. Kelly and I went Christmas shopping while the Little Man stayed home with the grandparents (and ended up sleeping most of that time!). We headed first to some local outlets, and then to a local mall and spent […]

Vacation Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of vacation and it was pretty much what I hoped for. The early part of the day was spent traveling. We were all up early, shortly after 5am, in order to catch an 8am flight out of Reagan-National. The sidewalk outside the house was a sheet of ice when we […]

What I plan on doing while on vacation

In no particular order: Basking in the warm mid-70s weather of the gulf coast. Swimming with the Little Man Eating pizza and drinking beer at Doc’s Having a night out with Kelly including dinner at Tommy Bahama’s Writing 2 stories Reading the rest of the Dozois’ The Year’s Best Science Fiction 27th Annual Edition Reading […]

The last vacation I took

This is from the first day of the last vacation I took way back on October 25, 2005, 612 days ago!

6 work hours remaining

I got through the morning, knocking off several tasks, none of which were the ones that I really wanted to get done, but they needed to be done nonetheless. I’ve got some coding to do this afternoon which should cover the next three hours or so. And then I’ve got three hours of work tomorrow […]

Summer vacation

When I was at the gym today, waiting to get started, I was watching part of the Little League World Series on ESPN and had an interesting internal dialog that went something like this: I wonder how these kids get time off from school to play in the World Series. They must have program for […]