Last full day in Florida

Ten days goes by fast! Today is our last full day in sunny southwestern Florida. We head home tomorrow around noon. I headed to the store early this morning and got things to make breakfast for everyone. Scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, toast. Yummy! Later this afternoon we’ll be going out for lunch. I expect to […]

When you’re sliding into third…

Let me set the scene for you. We’ve had gorgeous weather all week down here in southwestern Florida. I mean absolutely gorgeous. Even at this minute, as I write, I’m sitting out the lanai, the thermometer reads 79 degrees, there is a pleasant breeze, ahhh. Yesterday, however, there was a brief break in the sunshine. […]

A typical winter vacation day in sunny Florida

What I’ve done so far today: Both kids slept through the night. Again. That means that we slept through the night, too. That is two nights in a row for me, something that hasn’t happened since well before the Little Miss was born. Maybe it’s the warm Florida air? The Little Man and I took […]

A full night’s sleep

I often brag about how we can, when things break our way, get from our house down to Kelly’s parent’s house in Florida in about 4 hours, door-to-door. ¬†Well, yesterday, everything seemed to break our way and we managed to make the journey, door-to-door, in just about four hours. Of course, the weather is a […]

Disney World, Day 1

As it turned out, all travel arrangements worked out perfectly yesterday. Kelly and I got to Dulles, were through security in two minutes, and made our way to the Red Carpet Club. We had a couple of drinks there before catching our 9:35 PM flight to Orlando. Our flight was on time and arrived 5 […]


I’m heading out the door in less than an hour for my one and only mini-vacation between now and July and I am so excited! I nearly screamed a big loud, “Whoo-hoo!” as I left the office this morning. At this point, I’m all packed up. The house is in order. The chores are done. […]

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