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Vacation Photo, Day 17: Me and My Uncle

We had a chance to visit with my great uncle, as well as some cousins, while on vacation. It was great to see them all, especially my uncle.


Vacation Photo, Day 16: The Little Man Rides

I had to run just to keep up with him. I think he’s getting the whole bike-riding thing.


Vacation Photo, Day 15: Florida Sunset

Yesterday was a low-key day. Other than going out for lunch, we didn’t do too much, which suited me just fine. It was quiet, and relaxing, and I think the sunset we got describes illustrated the day perfectly.

Florida Sunset
Florida Sunset, taken with the new Nikon D5100 in Dawn/Dusk mode.

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Vacation Photos, Days 10-14

I have gotten a little behind on the daily vacation photos, so here, in a single batch, are vacation photos for days 10-14.

Day 10: Santa in a Tree

Seen while walking through the old part of Naples.

Santa in a Tree

Day 11: Mini-golf

Our attempt to keep the kids busy as the pre-Christmas anxiety built up.

Mini Golf

Day 12: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Day 13: Christmas Morning

Subtitle: The Aftermath

Christmas Day

Day 14: The Beach

We also had lunch at the beach and the Little Man tried (and enjoyed!) his first gator bites.


Whew! I’ll try not to get that far behind again.

Vacation Photo, Day 9: Santa in a Tree

Last night, Kelly and I had an evening away from the kids. We stayed at a hotel in Naples1, ate dinner at a nice Italian place, and wandered around the streets of Old Naples.  While there, we came across Santa resting in a tree.

Santa in a Tree

  1. Florida, not Italy.

Vacation Photo, Day 8: Cooling Off

It was in the upper 80s around here yesterday, which made it necessary to cool off. Fountains seem very practical for this when you are 4 years old.


Vacation Photo, Day 7: Poolside

We ended the day by taking the kids to the pool and allowing them to burn off some energy.


Vacation Photo, Day 6: Little Man

The Little Man and I took a leisurely walk yesterday. We were stalked by a steamroller, had to hike past a backhoe, and finally got to throw rocks into a small lake. In other words, a tailor-made adventure for the Little Man.

Little Man

Vacation Photo, Day 5: Morning Walk

Today was mostly a day of relaxation and decompression after four days of driving. My morning walk was particularly peaceful.


Vacation Photo, Day 4: Cypress Gardens

Before Legoland, there was Cypress Gardens. The gardens are still there, and they are actually quite beautiful.

Cypress Gardens

Vacation Photo, Day 3: Lego Luxor

I think Miniland has been my favorite part of Legoland so far. I think the job of building all of those Lego replicas of cities and buildings has to be one of the coolest jobs in the world.

Lego Luxor

Vacation Photo, Day 2: Florida Sunset

Our first day in Florida, and our first vacation sunset in Florida, caught while walking from the hotel to dinner this evening.