Picture collection on Flickr

I have taken all of my Flickr picture sets and put them into a single collection, so all of the photos from my vacation are now available from one place. You can find them here. I still have to upload the photos from my last 3 days in London. But those are the only pictures […]

Still more photos

I’ve uploaded several more photosets: Miletus and Didyma, Turkey (228 photos) Rhodes, Greece (75 photos) Santorini, Greece (163 photos) Naples, Vesuvius and Pompeii (354 photos)

I’m back home!

I’m not going to post much more than this today as it has been a long day, but I am back home, after being out of the country for 21 days. They tree people came and cleaned up my backyard while I was gone, as I was hoping. And I have a sidewalk in front […]

More photos

My flight home is at noon local time today and I wanted to get some more photos uploaded before I headed off, so here are several batches more. The individual photo are, as of yet, unlabeled, but I’ll get around to that eventually… Korfu, Greece and Vow Renewals (37 photos) Athens, Greece (275 photos) Mykonos, […]


I love how it starts to get light here at 4:24 AM–and how it doesn’t start to get dark until 9:40 PM.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

Today I took the first of two full-day tours of areas outside of London. The tour today was a tour of Windsor castle, the primary residence of the Queen; Stonehenge, the oldest relic in the U.K., and the city of Bath and the Roman baths therewithin. If this entry is less than coherent, keep in […]

The British Museum

It was supposed to rain today so I decided to spend my time indoors, and what better place to go than the world-famous British Museum, which has been around since the 18th century. It wasn’t raining when I headed out this morning, but it was overcast, with dark clouds. Nevertheless, I decided to walk to […]

To Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge tomorrow

It’s official. Tomorrow I will be spending the day (a long day, from 8 AM – 8 PM) touring Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. I made one last effort at getting train tickets to Paris this morning, but was thwarted by a strike on one of the train lines. To be honest, I really didn’t try […]


On my way back from the British Museum earlier today (about which I shall have more to say later), I passed by a massive Waterstone Books in London, in front of which a hundred or more kids and teens had lined up for the last Harry Potter book, which goes on sale at midnight tonight. […]

The Plan

I was up early this morning and worked out what I was going to do the rest of my stay. I worked with the hotel concierge, who was incredibly helpful, and who made many of the arrangements, but try as he might (and he tried three different places), all the day tours to Paris for […]

A walk in the Park

Last night at about 8 PM, I took a walk through Green and St. James parks and it was really quite amazing. I can’t quite put my finger on how these parks are different from, say, Central Park, in New York, but the difference is there. People seem more relaxed. Businessmen and women can be […]