Upgrade confirmed

I got an email from United this morning indicating that my first class upgrade on my flight to L.A. on Thursday morning was confirmed. Usually, I don’t have to wait until the last minute because I use miles, but this time, I used some of the upgrade credits I get for being a frequent flier, […]


I received word this morning that my flight from Dulles to Munich, Germany on July 2 (on my way to Venice to begin my big summer vacation) was confirmed for the upgrade I requested! That’s good news because the flight is just over 8 hours long and I did not want to be couped up […]

First class on Acela

I’m heading up to NYC in two weeks and I was going to use some of my accumulated Amtrak miles to get a free Acela trip. I have enough miles for that. I saw that a First Class trip on Acela is 10,500 miles. I thought, hey maybe I’ll do that. So I checked my […]

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