Some thoughts on air travel

I’m back home after a thankfully short trip to L.A. During the course of which, I made a few general observations on air travel which I thought I would share with you now: I still think LAX is one of the worst airports I’ve ever been too. My experience was not particularly good or bad […]

In Santa Monica next week

Once a year, in my day job, my team gathers in our Santa Monica, CA office for an annual planning retreat. I look forward to it with mixed emotions. One the one hand, I get to see people I don’t normally see (I’m the only one on my team who works in our Arlington, VA […]

Up to New Jersey

Around 7 pm, we headed over to Sarah’s. ¬†Originally, we were expecting 5 of us plus Oliver, the dog, to be going up to New Jersey, but Michael’s girlfriend was sick and didn’t end up coming. ¬†So as soon as we got to Sarah’s, we piled into her car and got on the road. It […]

Protected: It’s official–I’m off to L.A. in March!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Valentine’s day in Albany

I gave Kelly her Valentine’s gift yesterday, since we had a busy day today, and she gave me not one but two cards this morning, which made me realize that I hadn’t gotten her any cards.  Nevertheless, we had a very nice Valentine’s day–our first as a married couple.  I was up at 6 AM to feed the […]

And he walked on down the hall

Another long workday.  My hours are going to increase for a while until we get over the hump, which will hopefully be sometime in mid-March.  In the meantime, I expect longer days.  More than likely I’ll start getting up earlier, working from home until Kelly is up and ready to go and then head into […]

Catching up, part 2

I went upstairs to read at 7 PM last night and couldn’t get through a page before falling asleep.  I woke up at 6 AM and Kelly and I decided to stay in bed (and keep warm) until 7:30.  So I basically slept for 12 hours last night.  Then it was off to a busy day in the […]


Slept in late again today–got up close to 9 AM, but we were up pretty late last night with AJ and Denisse.  I made us scrambled eggs for breakfast and we sat around watching Sunday Morning.  I was interested in looking for a messenger bag to replace my backpack and so we took advantage of the cold, but […]

Travel day

It was a long travel day.  We left Kelly’s parents at 9 AM and made the 2 hour drive up to Tampa.  Our flight was delayed an hour and so we had lunch at the airport, watched some videos on the iPod, and finally boarded the plane for home.  The airport in Tampa was empty, but […]

‘Twas the day after Christmas…

Today was a relaxing, lazy day.  First off, it was very hot out, well over 80 degrees, and that just made me feel sluggish throughout the day.  I didn’t do much.  Kelly and I did head over to the nearby mall and wandered around in the heat until we couldn’t take it anymore.  And although […]

Florida, Day 1

Smooth travel day today.  We headed to the airport at 6 AM.  We’d already checked in and just had to check out bags, head through a short security line, and catch the "mobile lounge" to the D gates.  We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a snack, and got to the gate just in time to […]

Early Saturday

Up at 5 am after sleeping for what seemed to be 15 minutes. So far our flight is on time. We should be heading to the airport in 20 minutes or so. It was 12 years ago today that Carl Sagan died. I was in the midst of reading his terrific book, The Demon-Haunted World […]