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My lunch

In an effort to fight off the rain clouds…

Looks like it worked. It’s sunny out now.

Jaw breaker

I had one of my very rare cravings for candy yesterday so I went out and bought some Skittles. While eating them, I felt my jaw crack on the left side at the base of the joint. This morning, when I woke up, that part of my jaw is really sore! It’s all the way at the base of my left jaw, almost where the bone reaches my ear.

The candy was good, but not that good!

Banana Split

So here I am, at work, getting ready to go into a meeting where everyone will have to watch me work my way through this massive, three-scoop, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice-cream with everything-on-it banana split from Haagen Dazs. A great way to relax on a Friday.