First summer rains

Last night we had the first major rains of the summer and it was really pleasant. It has cooled down enough to allow me to turn off the AC and sleep with my bedroom windows open, and last night, I was lulled to sleep by the sounds of the rain. The rain got steadily heavier […]

Summer showers

Summer showers are a phenomenon that, for me, are exclusive to the East Coast, and I had my first one last night. A summer shower, you see, is like a regular shower with one added element at the end. Okay, so you get into the shower on a hot and muggy evening. You wash your […]

Summer is here!

June 21 is the first day of summer in 2007. Summer is here! When I was a kid, the delineation between spring and summer was much less abstract. It was the day after the last day of school. It was spring and you signed yearbooks and said goodbye to teachers and homework and papers and […]


I saw my first fireflies of the year coming home from the grocery store a few minutes ago. I caught a glimpse of them in my neighbors backyard. It was very Bradbury-esque. Summer must be just around the corner.

Summer’s coming…

I can always tell when summer is coming because my schedule starts to get filled with all sorts of visitors and/or travel. Cases in point: 1. This weekend, I’ll have company for the long Memorial Day weekend. 2. The following weekend (June 2-4), Dad will be in town for the Orioles/Yankees game. 3. June 8-12 […]