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Rejections and submissions

On Saturday, I received a rejection from Intergalactic Medicine Show on my story “Wake Me When We Get There”. Edmund Schubert said that he had published a similar story several issues back and so he couldn’t use mine. I must admit that I didn’t go back and read every story in the previous 4 issues before submitting this one. If I had, I would have known better.

So this morning, I submitted “Wake Me When We Get There” to Space & Time Magazine. They recently opened for submissions. It marks my 7th submission of the year and sets a record for the number of times I’ve submitted a story (this is the 9th place I’ve submitted “Wake Me”).

Aside from the NaNoWriMo work (which came to a stand-still this weekend), I’ve got two promising stories underway. There is a chance I might get them completed before the end of the year.

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Story submission: Electric Velocipede

I decided to send my short story, “Wake Me When We Get There” to Electric Velocipede. The editor opens for submissions between April 1 and June 30 and it’s a good story for which I have received good feedback and deserves another chance. It looks like it could be a long wait, anywhere from 3-6 months, but that’s fine. At least it gets another story in the mail.

Now if I only hunkered down and completed a new story!

Story submission

I just submitted my story “Wake Me When We Get There” to Jim Baen’s Universe. I’ve gotten good editorial feedback on this story from the likes of Sheila Williams at Asimov’s and while she ultimately gave back the story, I took her feedback and tried to improve the main fault that she found with it.

I would have tried this story on Intergalactic Medicine Show, where my first published fiction will be appearing in May, but I don’t think it would fit their editorial style (specifically, their PG-13 rating for stories). Baen’s Universe is a pro magazine and looks like it has good stories.

This also marks the first time that I submitted a story, where I could say in my cover letter that my first published fiction would be appearing in the May issue of IGMS…

In fact, I just subscribed to Baen’s Universe, primarily because Barry Malzberg’s roving column, “From the Heart’s Basement” is now appearing in the magazine beginning this month, and I will read anything that Barry writes.

As always, those terribly interested in such matters can keep up with the status of my submissions. According to the auto-confirmation that I received, responses are typically given within 10 days (which is about as fast as John Joseph Adams over at F&SF).

Stay tuned…

The problem with writing novellas…

…is that there aren’t a whole lot of places that you can submit them. I’ve sent my novella, “Graveyard Shift” to the Big Three, ASIMOV’S, ANALOG, and F&SF and received rejections from each. And now I am at a loss for where to send it next. The usual suspects don’t take longer stories. For instance, I would normally try STRANGE HORIZONS next but they don’t take anything over 9,000 words. (“Graveyard Shift” is more than twice that long.) In fact, most of the remaining major markets won’t take longer stuff, at least submitted through the slush piles.

So now I have this 102 page manuscript printed, and all dressed up, but no where to go.

I’ve never submitted anything to Baen’s Universe before because I have never read it before. However, it does appear to be the one remaining major market that does accept novellas. So maybe I will submit it there next. Of course, they only accept electronic submissions, so the printed manuscript is still sitting there…

Yo Adrienne, I did it!

[Queue “The Final Bell” from Rocky]

There were three things on my List of Things To Do Before I Die:

  1. Publish a science fiction story
  2. Fly in space
  3. Get my pilot’s license

I got my pilot’s license back in 2000. I still have a way to go before I fly in space. I have been writing stories and trying to get them published since January 1993–just over 14 years. Last night, I received word that one of my stories has been accepted for publication. After 14 years, 100 submissions and 30 stories, I have finally made my first sale!

I have posted about this in friends-only posts over the last several months and those of you who have read those can probably skip this.

More details behind the cut

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Rejection and revisions

I got out of the office later than I wanted to this evening and finished up “Sanctuary” on the train ride home. It’s a great story and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a science fiction fan, and anyone is a fan of good storytelling.

When I arrived home, I had several pieces of mail, including the easily identifiable (to a writer) self-addressed stamped envelope, which in my experience usually holds a rejection slip. It did have a rejection slip for my novella, “Graveyard Shift”. It was a form-letter rejection, which was disappointing since my last rejection from ASIMOV’S was a personal letter from Sheila Williams. It also marks the longest ASIMOV’S has ever taken to respond to a story of mine: 123 days, or roughly 1/3 of a year. Then again, at 20,000 words, this is the longest story I’ve ever submitted to ASIMOV’S. The story is going to ANALOG on Saturday. Since I will be in New York, I am tempted to take the manuscript into ANALOG’S offices (the way that Isaac Asimov did nearly 70 years ago), but I won’t. At least I know that it should get to the ANALOG pretty quickly.

At this point, I have two things “out”: my science fiction poem “Schrodinger’s Intersection” has been at ASIMOV’S for 33 days now. And I am working on revisions to “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” at the request of the editor of INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW. Actually, the revisions are complete and I reread the story today and I think that the revisions improve the clarity of the story. I have a few minor tweaks to make, and then I’ll send it back to the editor tomorrow, as promised.

Laundry is underway. I have lots of chores to do, but I have a little more time than I thought. I’m leaving work at about noon tomorrow. I thought my flight was at 4:30 and I was going to come home, do a few things, and then head to the airport. But it turns out my flight isn’t until 5:30. I don’t have to rush as much.

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