Analog switching to electronic submission

In case there are any of my writer friends out there who have not yet seen the news that SF Scope broke, Analog (where my story, “Take One for the Road” will be appearing in the June issue) will be switching to Neil Clarke‘s electronic submissions system, just their sister publication, Asimov’s did several months […]

A brief writing update

I think I’m getting back on track in terms of my writing schedule (thanks again to Brad Torgersen’s inspiring post). For the second day in a row I was up before 5am and spent my two hours on two writing-related tasks. First, I organized the scenes in “Rescue” in the order I think they should […]

This week’s submissions and rejections

It was so cold yesterday that I didn’t go out to check the mail. That’s pretty remarkable for a writer who lives for the mail. I checked it this morning and found a rejection slip for a story I submitted about two months ago. It was a personal note, detailing why the editor didn’t take […]

Writers live for the mail

Kelly finds it amusing that the first thing I do upon arriving home from work is rush off to the mailbox to check for any mail.  I’ve tried to explain to her that writers live for the mail, but I’m not quite sure she gets it. Granted, there aren’t a whole lot of science fiction […]

Back to school

Well, I made it through the day yesterday without feeling overly tired.  I was up at 4 AM and we headed off to bed at 9 PM (after watching Tivo’d episodes of Big Love and Battlestar Galactica).  I didn’t sleep great last night, but my body is still adjusting to the new schedule.  Busy day in the office.  I was […]

Still no word on “If By Reason of Strength…”

Tomorrow will be 50 days since sending the story to ANALOG.  Aside from it being a nice round number, it’s more than 20 days longer than any submission I have ever sent there (the longest previous submission I got back in 29 day; that was back in 2003; the most recent submission I got back in 28 […]

Happy Birthday ANALOG/ASTOUNDING (and a related dream)

If I am not mistaken, today is ANALOG/ASTOUNDING’s 79th birthday.  For those who don’t know, ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION is the longest continuously running science fiction magazine around.  It started up in 1930 (when my Grandpa was 10 years old!) and is still going strong today.  (In the 1960s, the name was changed to ANALOG).  It is usually considered to […]

The manuscript is in the mail!

Finally!  My workshop manuscript is in the mail and on its way to ANALOG. This is the first new story I’ve sent out in a long time.  (The last story, "The Golden Watch" was actually a complete reworking of an older story.)  This one, however, called "If By Reason of Strength…" is brand new, written […]

Monday wrap-up

I think Kelly and I are both recovering from our weekend. We both felt tired throughout the day. I took a lunchtime name that lasted nearly an hour! Headed home at 4 PM and did a bunch of critiques for the writing workshop. Kelly called around 5:20 and I headed to pick her up. We […]

And still no word…

…from Strange Horizons on “The Golden Watch”. At 38 days, it has now been there 10 days longer than any previous item I have submitted to them. I am still taking that as a good sign.

Baseball and writing

Kelly couldn’t go to the Orioles game today because she had other stuff she had to work on, so I left her at my house around 11 AM and headed up to Camden Yards. The Orioles have lost something like 8 of their last 9 home games and the team was offering a special today. […]

The new story is done!

This evening I completed the finishing touches of my new story “The Golden Watch”. I put the final manuscript together (using Scrivener’s “compile draft” feature, which is wonderful) and then sent the manuscript off to Edmund Schubert at InterGalactic Medicine Show. I think it’s a good story. Hopefully they will like it too! Coincidentally, it’s […]