Superbowl Sunday 2011

I’m surprised that Superbowl Sunday has not yet been declared an official National Holiday, for all of the publicity it gets, and for how little ends up getting done. It has to be one of the least productive Sunday’s of the year. Unless you count gluttony, in which case, it has to be one of […]

A world without football?

Not long ago, Kelly mentioned how she found it interesting that I could hold my own in a conversation about football, despite not being a fan or even following the sport. Really, it’s not that difficult. You pick up things here and there, and learn to respond with vague generalities to various statements. “Think Farve […]

A statement of Olympic proportions

I don’t follow the news too closely anymore because it is too depressing and I’d prefer to simply deny it. That said, I do check the headlines a couple of times a day so that I am not completely out of the loop, and I have been following what’s been going on with the Olympic […]

We’re cheating on video games now?

This has probably been going on for quite some time, right under my nose, but my attention was drawn to it by this Yahoo!Tech article I saw this morning. Apparently, cheating at video games has been steadily on the rise and has become enough of a problem that cheaters are being punished. Set aside the […]

Should college sports players be paid?

Here’s a sports-related question that I’ve never in my life considered until this morning when the guy I was talking to on the train asked me what I thought about the subject. He asked, “Do you think college sports players should be paid to play?” I don’t know the arguments, pros or cons, in response […]

Steroids, Baseball, Due Process and Skepticism

With the infamous Mitchell Report leaked yesterday and released today, I have a few comments to make on the whole matter of steroid use in baseball and how it has been handled. Keep in mind that I did not read the entire 409 page report. You’d have to be a complete moron to deny the […]


Yesterday, while the girls went to their fancy spa to get their fancy facials and whatever else people get in spas, the boy went scuba-diving. Mom arranged it with a friend of hers who teaches scuba diving. Doug, stubiebrother and I headed to Thousand Oaks to the Sports Chalet, where at about 10 AM, we […]

March madness

Apparently, we have entered a phenomenon known as March Madness, as evidence by the seemingly dozens of college basketball games on in the bar last night during happy hour. People really get into this March Madness. There are these “bracket” boards all over the place and people try to guess who will end up as […]

The Golden Rule

I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule, which when properly stated, is roughly: “Treat other people the way you would want to be treated” (but is often misstated as: “Treat other people the way that they treat you.”) It is because of my firm belief in the Golden Rule that I did not […]

What a dope!

I’ve reached my limit when it comes tolerating drugs and sports. For a while, I figured, give the guy (or girl) a second chance. But with what doping is doing to many sports, I’ve changed my mind. You’ve got it in baseball. You’ve got it in cycling. You’ve got it in soccer, and who knows […]

Busy season

It has gotten busy here at work. I have finished up one project, and am in the middle of managing a second. Tomorrow, I head to Pittsburgh for two days of requirements meetings on a third project that I will be managing. And in the meantime, there is a fourth project on which I am […]