Epic “spoof-mail” FAIL

I was browsing my spam folder to see if there was anything snagged as spam that was actually legitimate and I came across this PayPal spoof mail attempt. Unfortunately, the spoofers make it way too obvious the message is spoof mail. I’ve circled the two salient parts of the message in the image below: Epic […]

Saturday humor: what comment spammers are saying about my blog

I get irritated when I browse the comment spam that Akismet deftly snags on my blog. I think to myself, come on, do you really think we’re that stupid? To excise the frustration, I thought I’d pretend to take these comments at face value and publish a few of them as if they were reviews […]

SEO’s sleazy pickup line: “I notice you aren’t ranking nearly as well as you could be…”

Most of the comment spam that I get on this blog is SEO spam. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a means through which you can get your site to show up in more search engines, ranked higher and generate more traffic. I suspect, as anything, there is probably some legitimacy behind the […]

Some fun with comment spam

Every once in a while, I will sift through the comments that my WordPress system has automatically marked as spam, on the off chance that some real comments got through. Some of these comments are amusing to go through and so I thought I would present a few of them here in lieu of more meaningful content, […]

The case of the missing comments

My good friend Michael A. Burstein pointed out last night that a comment he posted never showed up on the blog. That was strange. I took a quick glance at things and couldn’t find anything obvious. My spam filter hadn’t identified any false-positives. So I was going to chalk it up to a glitch. They […]

A British approach to the Nigerian email scam?

When I got back from the gym this morning, I received the following email message at my work email address (which is unusual because our spam filters are pretty good) and which looks to me like a British approach to the Nigerian email scam. This kind of thing is a waste of time, clutters up […]

Replica watch spam

I rarely check my spam filtered mail at work because I simply don’t care enough. If someone sent me a message that accidentally got caught by my spam filter, I naturally assume it was their fault. (It’s different on my personal email because fewer people have my address and the spam control software is much, […]

Your phone will ring!

I am fascinated by chain-letter type spam because it shows just how gullable people can be. In my junk mail folder this morning, was a message with a subject “FW: FW: This is SOOOOOOO Creepy” and the gist of the message was that if you read the entire message and made a wish, your wish […]


Panix provides excellent spam detection-and-elimination services, but every now and then, a message will sneak it’s way through, and these messages never fail to amuse me. Invariably, these messages have to do with sex or drugs. Add Rock ‘n’ Roll to the mix and we’d have a truly American combination. Today I received two of […]

Spam of the week

I was forwarded the results of an NBC “poll” this week about whether or not the words “In God We Trust” and “God” belonged in the Pledge of Allegiance. The indigant author of the spam pointed out that NBC had the highest number of responses that they’ve ever had to a poll, with results as […]


I now know why it seemed like I was never getting any email from Rich. I just happened to randomly check my email trash and saw that my spam filter trashed a reply from Rich because at some point I’d accidentally blacklisted his address. Whoops! Good thing I caught it. I whitelisted his account and […]