The President of the United States came to my softball game

I had completely forgotten about this until this morning.  We play in the Senate Softball league.  About 3 years ago, we were playing against Illinois at a park in Capital Hill.  When the second inning started, I was playing shortstop and noticed a small crowd gather around a guy who’d gotten out of a dark […]

Softball party

Late start today, which I hope to remedy tomorrow. I think part of the problem is that there is no clock in view when I am sleeping, so I just keep sleeping as long as I possibly can. I am much more disciplined when I can see a clock. Busy day at work. I spent […]

The wedding shower weekend

What with all of the guests and visitors and activities this weekend, there was simply no time to post in “real time”. This morning, I’ve posted 3 backdated posts that cover the entire weekend: Friday Saturday Sunday Up at 6:40 this morning. Took Kelly into work and then took my to the airport. Kelly heard […]


We had a softball game last night. It was a little odd. The other team did not have enough girls (only 1) and so it was an automatic win for us. Nevertheless, we still played a game and they kicked our butts, something like 23-5 (of course, they had all guys in their lineup). I […]


We get a “move day” at work and I used mine today. I headed to the old house this morning and arrived there at 9 AM to do the final cleanup. I was hoping to be done by 1 PM, but it took a little longer than I expected. I finished around 2 PM. I […]

Yesterday’s softball game (14-18 loss)

This was a much closer game than the final score let on. First, we had a field on the Mall, now that the Folk Life festival had packed up and left. Second, I played much better this week than last week. I only had a handful of chances at shortstop, but I made no errors […]

It’s Tuesday, not Monday!

It has felt like a Monday all day today. I was up at 6 AM and into the office just after 7. I spent the first three hours or so working on some bug fixes, and the rest of the day was spent on reports. I’m starting to get the hang of SRSS. We had […]

Softball game results

Well, we lost our first game 27-18. But it was still fun to get out there. I went 3-5 with a 3-run HR on my first at-bat, a double, a single, and I got on base on an error also. In the field, I had 6 chances, made 3 assists and had one error. The […]

Off to play my first softball game of the season

I’m off to play my first softball game of the season, and the first game in a few years where I am not team captain. The current captains have me playing shortstop and batting 3rd in the lineup. For kicks, I’m keeping track of my personal stats this year, in particular, defense. Those interested can […]

Lazy Wednesday evening

We had a really lazy evening last night. Kelly got home from work and we sat on the couch for five hours doing very little. We watched TV, mostly switching between the Yankees game and the Travel Channel, where we were amused by a show, “Disney on a Dime”. After that, we watched an episode […]


It rained this morning and so I was pretty certain that our lunchtime softball practice would be canceled. It stopped raining about an hour before practice and would you believe it, it wasn’t canceled. There were five of us that braved the muddy field to throw the ball around and take some batting practice. I […]

No captain, my captain

This morning, I resigned as the co-captain of our softball team. It’s just one of those things I have to give up, when prioritizing everything else. I’m still going to play, but I can no longer afford the time it takes to prepare lineups, and wrangle players. I didn’t want to do it, but playing […]