A Tuesday morning rant about school closures

After that gorgeous 75-degree weather on Friday, last night we had ice and snow and I woke up this morning to 1/8th of an inch of snow. You read that right. One-eight of an inch of snow. If you’re on the metric system, that’s about 2 or 3 millimeters. We got ready for work and […]

Winter storm

We’ve been lucky so far an avoiding a major snow storm this year–and nothing like last year when we had a total of more than 70 inches of snow. But this evening, the snow started falling hard, and by my last count, I’d shoveled a total of 5 inches of heavy, wet snow in a […]

Cabin fever

Each of these two big storms we’ve had started on a Friday.  In a way that was lucky, I thought, because it meant the brunt of it would be over the weekend, and wouldn’t disrupt the workweek too much.  Not so for this latest blizzard.  Despite starting on a Friday, its one-two punch has now […]


10:30 am Saturday: Kelly’s car is dug out of the snow.  Tree stands tall. 1:00 pm Saturday: A serious case of tree-sag. 11:30 am Monday: Car is removed from tree. 3:00 pm Monday: Tree meets chainsaw. 4:00 pm Monday: Fence garnish. Originally published at Jamie’s Blog. Please leave any comments there.


So far this winter season, I have calculated a total of about 64 inches of snow that has fallen in our area.  Now, even more snow is on its way.  Yesterday, it sounded as if we’d get an inch or two on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Early today it was upgraded to at least five inches. […]

And the tree were all kept equal, by hatchet, axe, and saw

Thanks to some good friends, good neighbors, a little ingenuity and a lot of elbow grease, Kelly’s car has been safely removed from beneath the fallen tree. I spent an hour inching it forward until I’d gotten to the point where I had only about 3 more feet to go to get the car free.  But the […]

There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees

Yesterday, after spending the better part of 3 hours digging Kelly’s car out of the snow, a tree fell onto her car.  This happened sometime after I finished the job of digging the car out.  A neighbor said he saw it happen.  As he described it, it happened in slow motion, literally:  the weight of […]

3 hours of shoveling

Blizzard 2010 I was up just after 7 am eager to tackle the additional snow that fell overnight.  I had to make some repairs to the shovel  I screw had come out and a small crack had appeared.  Another screw and lots of duct tape took care of the problem.  Then I layered up and […]


Another lazy day.  Kelly was up around 7 or 7:30 and I got up a little later and ate some breakfast, but then I went back to bed for a while, still needing to rest and be lazy.  I spent most of the day watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD and finished up the […]

One inch

We ended up with about an inch of snow. Most of it had melted by the time I woke up this morning, but I could tell there was an inch by how much snow was on my car. Of course, tree branches are covered in snow and so everything looks unusually bright. Furthermore, it’s odd […]

This just in: snow!

Yes, a rare April snow storm for the metropolitan Washington area. And I don’t mean flurries. Current reports suggest 1-2 inches of accumulation overnight! Plows, which had been put away for the season have to be hauled back out. Prince Georges’ County is reporting that the surprise April snow will cost them $200,000. For some […]

And so now it’s gonna snow?

Weather forecast is for 1-2 inches tomorrow. I’m ready for spring.