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Bloom carries over 130 varieties of coffee*

Another weird night’s sleep last night, but better than the night before. We were up just a little late this morning and headed into work. I had anotherfull day of coding, punctuated by a meeting in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. I felt pretty productive today.

At lunch, I finally wrote the next scene for my writer’s workshop, about 750 words, which is pretty good for lunchtime. Actually, the scene takes place toward the end of the story, but I kind of liked it. I think it works pretty well. I’m eager to see what the group thinks. I also got one critique written for the group and may get to one more before going to bed tonight.

Lots of mail today, mostly for Kelly. But I did get the October/November issue of ASIMOV’S today.

I managed a little bit of reading. I’m about 160 pages through Rainbows End.

After I picked Kelly up from work, we headed to the grocery store to do some shopping. Then back home and I made us French bread pizza for dinner. Doug called this evening and I spoke to him for a little while. Then Kelly and I headed to the gym. I did a half hour of cardio. It felt like a good workout.

I called Comcast today to have someone come out and check the phones. The phones haven’t worked since we moved in, but I never complained about it since we mainly use our cellphones. But since we’re paying for the service, it seems like it should work. So they are sending a tech over tomorrow afternoon.

* This was a line from a commercial that was playing when I started this entry and I couldn’t think of a good subject line so I appropriated it.

Fever dreams

Sarah came over last night and hung out for a while. She left around 9:30 and I went right to bed. I had taken NyQuil around 8 PM. I was asleep before I hit the pillow. I slept fine until around 1 or 2 AM, and then I got restless. My throat was scratchy and that made it difficult to sleep. So did the fever dreams. I don’t think I actually had a fever, but the fever dreams were there. I felt so-so when I woke up this morning. Still a little scratchy throat, still uneasiness in my head. But no other symptoms. I wonder if I caught some kind of summer flu that my flu vaccination is more or less fighting off?

I’m still not back on a routine, but I’m hoping to get there soon. You know: up at a certain hour, breakfast, pack lunch, back to the gym, etc. Kelly went to the gym last night but I wasn’t feeling up to it. Maybe today.

I’ve got to get a tire pump for my bike so I can pump up that rear tire and make sure that it just lost it’s air and is not actually flat. I may get to ride my bike into work after all this week. Stay tuned.

Reading has crawled to a near halt, although I am still progressing on The Count of Monte Cristo. When that’s done, I’m eager to start in on Charlie Stross’s Saturn’s Children, which I also bought as an eBook. Oh, and the eReader for the iPhone released version 1.1 this morning. I upgraded right away.

Funny dreams and frightening ones

I tossed and turned quite a bit last night because I was hot for some reason. I had two dreams last night. For the first time in a long time, I had a dream that had me laughing in my sleep hard enough to wake myself up. When I explained the dream to Kelly, she didn’t see how it was all that funny, but it was, trust me. The thing is, I can’t really explain it to you. It was funny in terms of dream-logic, but not regular logic. The funniest part of the dream was the fact that I was laughing so hard I woke myself up.

I also had a dream that Kelly and I got into a fight. We were climbing up the outside of a structure like the Washington Monument and I was trying to pull Kelly onto a ledge but she was talking on her cellphone. I think we started to argue about that in the dream.

The wrong side of the bed?

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon lately. I have been sleeping on the left side of my bed instead of the right side. I can’t place quite how long this has been going on, but it’s definitely been happening with increasing regularity. This is unusual because, for the 8 years that Tawnya and I lived together, I always slept on the right side. And in the years since, I have continued to sleep more or less on the right side (or in the middle where I can spread out). But in recent weeks, I’ve noticed this trend of sleeping on the left side. I notice no difference in the quality of my sleep. It is strictly positional. But I can’t explain it and it bothers me when I can’t explain things.