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Early to bed…

I left work around 3 PM, was home before 4 PM, took some NyQuil, and crawled into bed before 6 PM. I figured I nap for a few hours and then wake up, do a little writing, watch some TV, etc. Well, I just woke up–at 11:45 PM, 6 hours later. I’m not sure I can really get any decent amount of writing done at this point, but that’s okay, because I did manage to get a decent amount of rest. I just took some more NyQuil and hope to be back asleep again shortly. Maybe tomorrow the nasty portion of this cold will have passed.

I have to be up around 8 AM so that I can take my car into Saturn for routine servicing. But seeing has how I’ve already gotten 6 hours of sleep, and 8 AM is still more than 8 hours away, I think I’ll be fine.

A good night’s sleep

I finally managed to get to bed early last night and got a really good (meaning long) night’s sleep. The lights were out around 9 PM, and because I still can’t go to the gym because of my ribs, I didn’t have to get up until 5:30 this morning, which made for about 8-1/2 hours of sleep. And for a wonder, I slept well!

Kelly is back from her trip to Florida and we are having dinner after work tonight. I have a design review meeting today that goes from 4 – 6 PM so we’re meeting after that.

Incidentally, I’ve now watched the first 3 seasons of The Shield (it’s part of what’s been keeping me up later at night). I’ll probably pick up season 4 in the next couple of days.

Early in the morning

I’ve been getting to bed pretty early the last couple of nights. I was in bed before 8 PM last night and had the lights out an hour or so later. Also been sleeping with the bedroom window open because it’s been nice out, cool, but not cold. (Of course, today that might change–it will be close to 90 today and tomorrow and I may need the A/C again.)

I’m up early for the gym–cardio day–and I wanted to point out that just because I get up extremely early (4:20 this morning) doesn’t mean that it’s easy for me to do so. Friends at work seem to make this assumption. I actually woke up around 4:10 and I more or less stared at the clock for 10 minutes wondering if there was any way I could get additional sleep. When I realized that there was no way I could do that without forgoing the gym, my next step was to begin to think about when I would be able to sleep next–my lunchtime nap. I also thought about how early I would get to bed tonight. So what that it’s season premier week, that’s why I have Tivo, right?

And speaking of Tivo, yesterday I watched the Star Wars episode of Family Guy, which Tivo had recorded on my behalf. I’ve seen only one other episode of Family Guy–one that AJ insisted that I watch while visiting him and Denisse one day. But the “Star Wars” episode was rather hilarious.

Last night was quiet. I watched some TV, did no reading or writing and in general felt and acted lazy. I did call Andy and talked to him for a little while. He sounded pretty tired on the phone, but that’s what one would expect from someone with a newborn on his hands. I also spoke to Dad. And I played phone tag with Doug.

I’ve got to head over to the metro in a little while to catch my train into work.

Ah, fresh air

It’s been fairly hot and humid these past several weeks but it cooled off substantially yesterday and last night, I was able to go to bed with my bedroom windows wide open. It felt great to sleep in the cool, dry air. So much so that I really didn’t want to get up for work this morning, but as usual, I dragged myself out of bed before my alarm went off at 5:30 AM.

Lots of stars out at 5:45 AM when I headed out to the car. I don’t know why I don’t always notice that, but this morning, perhaps, the sky was so clear and clean and there was little surrounding ambient light, that the stars just kind of jumped out at you. Pretty cool!

Oh my god, it’s 4 PM on Tuesday!!

I’m feeling better, but still not 100%. I had the worst ear pain of my life in the decent into BWI this morning, to the point that I literally thought blood was going to ooze from my ears. It passed and hasn’t returned.

When I got home, I took some NyQuil and got into bed and slept. And slept. And slept. When I woke up it was almost 2 PM. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Now it’s already 4:15, the day is gone and I haven’t even gotten started. It’s a weird, disconcerting feeling. I’m behind in everything, including a thread of about 600 email messages involving Andy, strausmouse, kruppenheimer, and rmstraus. And these guys are supposed to be working today!

I’m hungry so eventually I need to eat something, but it won’t be here because I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet. I have laundry to do. I have other errands to run. I don’t know it it will happen today. Nevertheless, I expect to be okay to go into work tomorrow. We have a practice at noon on Thursday for softball. Playoffs is this coming Saturday.

Oh, while I was gone, I got shunn‘s chapbook, An Alternate History of the 21st Century in the mail. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’ve added it to my reading stack.

I’ve also finally updated my posts for the weekend. You can find them here, here, and here.

Long night

I went to be early last night and lights were out by about 9:30 PM, but it was still a long night. I fell right asleep, and slept well until about 1:40 AM. I woke up after a strange dream (involving a massive tidal wave that I barely escaped by climbing to the top of a building) and thereafter, had trouble getting back to sleep. It wasn’t the dream. It was just that I kept tossing and turning. I slept intermittently until about 3:30 AM and then I finally gave up, turned on the light, and read until 4:40 AM. At that point, I tried to get a little more sleep–and did manage to fall into a deep sleep. Alas, by 5:30 AM it was time to get up.

So, while I was in bed early last night, I didn’t get as much sleep as I had hope and I’m a little groggy this morning. I’ve got 3 hours of meetings today, beginning at 11 AM, so hopefully, I will be more awake by then.

24 hours

24 hours from now, I should be on the plane from Munich, Germany to Venice, Italy, an hour or so from my final destination.

I did manage to get a few hours of sleep. I had the window in the bedroom open because it was very pleasant out tonight, no humidity, and a nice breeze blowing earlier. I have some work to do, getting some wiki pages updated. I plan on grabbing a pancake breakfast at around 6 AM. I have a meeting that I have to call into at 11:30 AM, but it should only last half an hour. The car to the airport is picking me up at 1:30 PM and my flight departs at 5:51 PM.

Time to shower!


Hours since I have slept: 15

Several people have told me I’m going about this the wrong way. What I should have done, they say, is gone to sleep at 6 PM and gotten up at 1 or 2 AM. They are probably right, but what do I know. This is the first time I’ve ever crossed 6 time zones.

But because I trust the opinions of thse people, and because I’m a flexible, adaptable kind of guy, I’m going to make the most of their advice. I’m going to nap for a few hours. I’m setting the alarm for 2 AM, which will give me about three hours to nap. Then I’ll get up at 2 AM, log into work and finish up those items I need to get done before heading off to Europe (mostly updating some wiki pages on projects of mine so that people covering for me will have whatever is in my head).

I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m wrong. Especially when I am tired!

T-minus 33 hours and counting

Hours since I have slept: 1

Thus begins the countdown to my departure to Europe tomorrow. And thus also begins the counting of how many hours I have gone without sleep. My plan is pretty simple. From this point forward, I don’t plan on sleeping until I get on the plane tomorrow evening. After I get on the plane and eat some dinner, I plan on trying to get 6-7 hours worth of decent sleep. This way, by the time I get to Venice, I will have forced myself into a schedule 6 hours ahead of what I am now. I figure it will actually take two days. I’ll be pretty tired Tuesday evening and therefore be able to get a good night’s sleep then as well, leaving me in tip-top form for when we board the ship on Wednesday.

Each of my posts between now and when I get on the plane tomorrow evening will start off with how many hours it has been since I’ve slept so that you can follow along on this adventure with me. Since I woke up at about 7:45 this morning, it’s been about 1 hour so far.

I did get a good deal of my packing done last night. I still have more to do today but the bulk of it is done at this point. I’ve got some more chores to do and errands to run. And I’ve got the Orioles/Angels game to go to later this afternoon. But there is really only one good way to start a 36-hour long day: with breakfast! So I’m off to IHOP to get something to eat.

Sleeping through the night

I’ve been attempting an experiment this weekend to see if I can better sleep through the night, instead of waking up two or three times in the middle of the night as I usually do. For some reason, it occurred to me that I always seem to have to know what time it is when I wake up, and that if I didn’t worry about the time until I had to get up (or my alarm went off), that I might sleep through the night better.

So last night, and Saturday night, I covered up the green, glowing numerals of my alarm clock so that I couldn’t see them. I went to sleep each night telling myself not to worry about what time it was; that my internal body clock is a good one. Friday night, I slept through the night without worrying about the time, and slept very well, I might add. Last night I woke up once, but fell back to sleep almost instantly and, again, didn’t worry much about the time. It will be interesting to see how it works tonight.

Get to bed!

Each night, for the last three nights, I have insisted to myself that I will be in bed at 8:30 PM, which is when I have to go to bed on a school night if I want to be able to get up at 4:20 AM to hit the gym in the morning. I got to bed late last night and when I woke up this morning, I insisted, nay, demanded that I would be in bed by 8:30 PM.

It’s now 9:50 PM.

Rumors of my extraordinary discipline have been greatly exaggerated.


For the second night in a row, I got at least 8 hours of sleep and felt well-rested when I woke up this morning. I slept in until 5:30 because I am working out with Bernard this afternoon. That meant I could be in bed by 9:30 last night. In fact, I was in bed well before 9:30 reading, and I turned out the lights at about 9:15. I slept well for the most part. I woke up at 3 AM, had some water, and felt somewhat wide awake (and if the trains ran at 3 AM, I might have done into work), but then got back into bed and slept for another 2-1/2 hours.

It was another cold morning, 27 degrees or so when I left the house. I don’t mind the cold weather at all; in fact, I kind of like it. But I don’t like reading about cold weather. Last night I read some scenes in The Engines of God where there was some damage to the ship and the temperatures were dropping to well below freezing levels and the crew had to take emergency precautions. Brrrrr! I felt cold just reading about it.