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41 hours

I set a personal record by going 41 hours without sleep. After work yesterday, Kelly and I went out with another friend to see Sex and the City. It was a 7:10 PM show and I remember seeing the movie just fine. But I remember almost nothing thereafter. Kelly tells me we walked home, I took a shower and then went to bed–and that would have been sometime around 10:30 PM. But I don’t remember. I got an amusing “drunk dialed” voice mail from Carmen last night and Kelly says I listened to it last night, but as far as I know, the first time I heard it was this morning.

I slept for around 10 hours and it was great.

We were up this morning around 8 or 8:30, and we both headed to the gym. I did a 30 minute cardio workout, pushing a little harder than usual because I knew it would be only 30 minutes.

Kelly and Sarah have just left to go dress shopping. They’ll be back in a few hours. Meanwhile, we have the dinner cruise this afternoon at 3 PM. And the temperatures in the metro D.C. area today are expected to be 105 (with the heat index) and 110(!) tomorrow.

31 hours and counting

I’m approaching 31 hours without sleep, and counting. With the way the rest of the day is laid out, I figure I’ll hit 40 hours, which may very well be a personal “best”. If I don’t start hallucinating before then.


I got into bed at around 9 PM, tossed and turned for a few hours (hot and humid, despite the air conditioning) and finally gave up. I got out of bed at midnight, went into the office and did some computer work for the next 4 hours. I ate breakfast at 4:20 and then headed into the office. Another 40 minutes and I hit 24 hours since I last slept.

And today seems like a long day, already.

The rain it raineth every day

I heard we’d received about 6 inches of rain since yesterday afternoon. It wouldn’t surprise me. It rained heavily for what seemed to be more than 24 hours and yards on the south side of my street, closer the the railroad tracks, are flooded. It’s not raining now.

Didn’t really sleep last night–second night in a row that I’ve had trouble. So I took a sick day today. I thought I might get caught up on sleep, but I didn’t sleep during the day either. I plan on sleeping tonight. I rather forced the issue. I took some NyQuil and I’m heading off to bed as soon as I finish this post and pack my lunch.


For the first time in a long time, I simply can’t sleep. I’m tired, but I toss and turn. After a while, I give up. Now, I’m back to watching episodes of The West Wing.

Graveyard shift

It’s been a long day. It started at midnight, when I got up in order to do a server upgrade. All told, that took 4 hours and I finally got back to bed between 4 and 5 AM. I slept for an hour and a half or so before getting up again, grabbing breakfast and starting my day. My last meeting ended around 3 PM. Once that was over, I took a break in order to mow the lawn. Since I last cut the grass, there has been a lot of rain and the grass grew taller than I’ve ever seen it in the 6 years that I’ve lived here. I think I nearly broke my mower trying to plow through it. But at least it’s done, front and back, and so I’m good on the home front for another week or so.

I finally arranged for an electrician to come by next Tuesday. We played phone tag, but finally talked and I was able to get a quote ($135 total) for what I needed.

Phone call from he11o_sunshine last night, but we didn’t get to talk long because I was off to bed so early. And tonight’s a repeat, only tonight, I get to sleep in 4 hours longer than last night. I’m back to my normal routine of getting up at 4:20 AM.

I’m about 140 pages through In Joy Still Felt. Going to do a little more reading before lights out.

A full-night’s sleep

Lights out at 8:06 PM last night. It wasn’t even complete dark out, but that didn’t bother me and I fell asleep rather quickly. Usually, I wake up once or twice in “the middle of the night”, you know, 3 AM or so. But for someone who gets up at 4:20 AM, “the middle of the night” is not what it seems. Last night, I recall waking up around 11:40 PM or so–having been asleep for 3-1/2 hours–and being infinitely pleased by the fact that I had close to 5 more hours of sleep ahead of me, instead of the usual hour or so.

It was cold this morning, 35 when I got up, with a light frost on the windshield. But that might be the last of it. The temps go up to the mid-60s today, low 70s tomorrow, and about 80 on Friday. Looking ahead, I don’t see any temperatures even remotely close to the low we had last night.

First spring night

Wow! The low here last night was 61 degrees and before I got into bed, I opened the window in my bedroom and for the first time since early fall, I slept with cool night air circulating about my room, and it was fantastic. It’s going to be another (relatively) warm day today, although cooler than yesterday. Things begin to cool off tomorrow, however.

And Kelly is back later this afternoon!

Protected: The dying dream

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I spent most of the day in bed today, quite literally, recovering from the strange allergic reaction I had yesterday. It was relaxing and I tried to ignore the fact that I felt incredibly lazy. But now it’s 11:11 PM and I am having difficulty getting off to sleep.

I finished reading I. Asimov a little while ago. I think that each time I read it (14 times now) I secretly keep hoping the ending will change, that Asimov will not have died back on April 6, 1992, that perhaps I have fallen into some alternate universe where he is still writing today, at the ripe old age of 88 (And why not? Jack Williamson did it; Frederick Pohl is doing it; Ray Bradbury, also born in 1920, is still going strong.)

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 13th year keeping a diary of some kind. From 1996-2005, I kept it in paper diary books. Since 2006, this journal makes up my diary. Twelve years is a significant milestone at this time in one respect: one third of my life has been recorded “on paper”. Granted, to most people, it is of little interest, but I enjoy being able to turn to a page and see what it was I was doing one or two or ten years ago today.

Back to work tomorrow morning.

Another night of laughter

Well, for the second time now, I woke up Kelly sometime in the middle of the night when I burst out laughing in my sleep. And I mean really laughing. I have no memory whatsoever of the dream that caused the laughter this time, alas. But I think it set a record for the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my sleep. When I woke up, I was already laughing and I simply couldn’t stop. It took me several minutes to settle down and go back to sleep.

This seems to me to be an utterly preposterous thing to happen to someone while sleeping.

On the other hand, having given it some thought this morning, I would say that, based on my experience, this is the polar opposite of a nightmare (where you awaken screaming in terror). I don’t know what I was dreaming about, but whatever it was sent me into convulsions. I’m reminded of the scene in Mary Poppins when the cast sings “I Love To Laugh”.

It felt great!