I crashed last night when I got home.  I ate dinner and shortly thereafter, I was feeling a bit tired.  So I grabbed my book and the April copy of ANALOG and headed upstairs, thinking I’d read for an hour or two before calling it a night.  After all, it was only about 6:30 or so.  I read […]

Border patrol

I haven’t been sleeping all that great.  Not sure why.  It might be that I’ve been hemmed in by the cats and the border fence that’s been put up in the middle of the bed.  Yes, that’s right, Kelly had put a border fence (read: pillow) down the middle of the bed, which she claims […]

More odd sleep patterns

Most people were not at work today.  But Kelly and I headed in as usual.  It was a quiet morning for the most part, but a busy afternoon.  I had lunch with Monica at CPK (Todd was supposed to be there, too, but never showed up.)  I then prepared for a 2 PM meeting that was more contentious than […]

Late night snacks

Last night was a little odd:  early in the evening, Kelly and I were reading.  Kelly was on the couch and I was sitting by the fireplace.  We both dozed off for a while and woke up around 7:45 PM, and decided to go to bed.  Later, I had a headache and got up to take some […]


As I mentioned, my sleep cycle is off somewhat.  Not only that, but I’m back into a phase of disturbing dreams.  Last night’s were a doozy, no doubt thanks to watching two episodes of Dexter.  A dream where you beat someone on the head repeatedly with a giant slab of freshly minted cash is not […]

More Tiger

Productive day at work today.  It was cold and overcast and there were threats of snow flurries, but I didn’t see any snow today.  When I picked Kelly up from work, I cleaned up a bit.  I scoured the kitchen, cleaned the litter boxes and took out the trash and recycling.  We watched the two most recent […]


I went to bed at 8 PM last night.  I tried reading for a little while, but I was just too tired.  I woke up with a terrible headache yesterday morning and it lingered for most of the day.  I took some medicine before going to bed and then finally seemed to help.  I turned out the light maybe […]

Good nights, long days, but I win in the end

I actually had a good night’s sleep last night.  There is justice in the universe! Into work at 7:30 and didn’t leave until 6:30.  It was an incredibly busy day.  I don’t really even want to think about it anymore, other than to say that I kept myself entertained by finding my inner Puckishness. Kelly got fitted in […]

I want candy

I wasn’t as successful completing my list as I had hoped to be today.  I did produce my massive list of reports, I took my suits to the cleaners, I picked up Kelly’s stuff from the cleaners, and we worked on narrowing down our First Dance list.  I didn’t complete anything else on the list, although I made progress reading […]

Better night’s sleep

Last night was better. We were in bed around 9:30 PM, I think, and I fell asleep pretty quickly. I was awakened at exactly midnight by the alarm clock. We put a clock on my side last night so I could actually see what time it was when I woke up. Turns out, the alarm […]

Lunch at home

I went home for lunch today. Kelly and I were lazy (read: still tired from the weekend) and I didn’t pack my lunch this morning. So around 12:15, I headed home, made myself 2 PB&J sandwiches, and lazed around for 40 minutes or so eating them. This afternoon, since I’m caught up on my workshop […]

Cleaning day

Today is Kelly’s first day at her new job! We drove to Pentagon City together this morning; Kelly got on the Metro and I headed up to the office. I’ve been cleaning this morning. Friday (August 1) was the first day of my 7th year in the Washington office, and this morning, I decided I […]

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