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Feelin’ groovy

Despite sleeping in until nearly 2 PM yesterday, I was back in bed around 7 PM, and read for an hour or so before turning out the lights and going to sleep. I actually slept well, except around midnight, when I woke up coughing and with a dry throat and tossed and turning for half […]

Oh my god, it’s 4 PM on Tuesday!!

I’m feeling better, but still not 100%. I had the worst ear pain of my life in the decent into BWI this morning, to the point that I literally thought blood was going to ooze from my ears. It passed and hasn’t returned. When I got home, I took some NyQuil and got into bed […]

Morro Bay, day 3

I woke up early in the morning and I was sick. A full-blown cold with “extras”, the extras being things like fever and chills. It was in the upper 80s in Morro Bay and I wasn’t going to allow something as annoying as a cold to ruin my weekend so I sucked it up. We […]

Sick day

I had a massive allergy attack just before going to bed last night. That, combined with large quantities of antihistamines made me feel miserable when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. I decided then and there to take a sick day today. I’d feel more guilty about it, were it not for the […]

Dizzy spell

I had my first-ever dizzy-spell this morning. Something didn’t feel quite right all morning long and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, while I was in a phone meeting with our Europe office, the room started to spin, even though I was perfectly still. It got so bad that I thought I might […]

Home sick

I have some catching up to do and posts from the remainder of the weekend will be coming soon. But I was home sick today and I’ll be working from home tomorrow so please be patient. I saw my doctor today as a precaution because I don’t often have extended fevers like this. He wasn’t […]

Sunday in New York

I was up at about 8:30 AM and feeling pretty good. I slept well in the hotel room and the skies were bright and clear. I pulled open the shades and Jen and Jason were awake shortly thereafter. We met AJ and Denisse at the hotel restaurant, Olives, for breakfast and the breakfast was quite […]

An early start

I woke up just after 5 AM, once again feeling a little feverish. I took some Advil. But I wasn’t tired and I didn’t even try going back to sleep. I browsed online for a while, killing time. I noticed this morning that I have a few more regular cold symptoms. So maybe it’s just […]

Still feverish

It’s really strange. I have a fever (and accompanying chills) but no aches, no stuffed up nose or head, and only a slight cough. I just took some more Advil (no NyQuil) during the day and hopefully this thing will run it’s course before the day is over. I was up close to 7 AM […]

Seven hours later…

It’s 2:40 AM and I’ve already gotten 7 hours of sleep, which is a bit weird. I actually slept okay for the most part. But when I woke up a little while ago, I as feverish again so I just took another shot of NyQuil, which should last me until about 8:30 when I have […]