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Running update

I just completed my 4th run in seven days and my 6th in 2 weeks. It was probably the easiest run to-date. A few more of these and I will definitely be ready to begin extending it a bit. Still not timing myself but I am definitely under 10 minutes for a mile, and likely somewhere between 8 and 9 minutes.

Going running

…And I might attempt to run more than a mile. It would be great if I could double it but I don’t think I can do that. I’ll be happy just going as far as I can and walking the rest of the way. I’m still not trying for any particular times, just working on regularity. (Years ago, I would run 3 miles after work and got to the point where I could do it in about 28 minutes.)

A good run

Just back from my run. I went a little later than usual, when it was dark, but still very nice out. It was a good run. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I had a bowl of pasta about 2 hours ago, or psychological, but I felt like I had a lot of energy and was running strongly. I may be ready to try running a little more than a mile. I’ll see how I feel on Thursday.

The air was really fresh and smelled like newly mown grass, which may have helped put a pep in my step. There was a bright, full moon at too, and that helped as well. In any case, it felt really good. I did a really fine sprint at the very end, the whole length of my block, steadily building up speed until I was running flat out, about as fast as I can, which, for a 34 year-old, I might say, is pretty darn fast.

Endorphines have definitely kicked in.

And the news shoes were great!

The new cross-trainers have arrived!

I got my brand new New Balance Cross Trainers in the mail today and they fit perfectly. These are the first sneakers I’ve had since I ruined my old ones on an awesome hike in Hawaii back in November. I’m going to test them out later this evening when I go for a run.

Second cardio workout

I was supposed to run yesterday, as I’m trying to do this cardio thing three times a week for starters, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but as circumstances would have it, I didn’t get home until late yesterday and was too tired. So I am back from my second run this week and this one felt a little better, although I slowed my pace some. I completed the entire mile circuit and didn’t have to stop. In fact, I sprinted the last leg, as is my wont. No muscle pain in my quads which is good. My legs have been pretty sore since I ran on Monday, but today they were significantly better.

My right shoulder is no longer sore so I think I’m going to start up on the pushups again tonight, after about a week or so of not doing them.

Overall, I think I’ve still got a long way to go as far as cardio goes. I was supposed to run 3 times this week and I did it twice. (I’m heading up to NYC tomorrow evening and won’t have a chance to run.) Hopefully I can keep it up, and do better next week.

One mile run

I beta tested my cardio play list a little while ago when I went for a one mile walk, followed by a one mile run. It was the first cardio exercise I’ve done since last summer. I managed the entire mile without having to stop, although I jogged at a very slow pace. The music was good and helped some. I think it took me 10 or 11 minutes to do the mile, so it technically isn’t true cardio (at least 20 minutes). But I couldn’t keep going at the end. I’ll have to build up to 2 or 3 miles to get the full benefit. In the meantime, I’m going to try and keep it up 3 times a week and see if it helps.