Coopertown Roadtrip: Day 3

Well, Doug and I woke up from our slumber and both felt perfectly fine. No headaches. Doug felt a little finer than I did, I think, but we managed to pack up our things, take them to the car, and then head out to look at the various shops. We stopped into a small place […]

The Cooperstown Roadtrip: Day 1

Doug and I agreed to be up at 7:30 this morning so that we could go and pick up the rental car around 8 AM. As it turned out, we got a little bit later of a start. Doug’s alarm didn’t go off as expected but it only delayed us a few minutes. I called […]

The Cooperstown Trip

It is official! Doug and I will be making a roadtrip to Cooperstown. Doug is going to fly into town on Friday, June 8. I’ve rented us a nice car from Hertz and we’re going to drive up to Cooperstown on Friday, June 9. It’s about a 6-1/2 hour drive from where I live, but […]