Slow Saturday

It was a slow day today, but that was nice, especially since it’s the last weekend before returning to work.  We lazed around for much of the day today, although we did manage to get in some Wii playing early this afternoon.  I did some chores at home, and started reading Walter Isaacson’s Einstein.  I […]

A friend in Iraq

I got an email from Rich this morning, telling me he’d made it safely to Balad, north of Baghdad. He is a Major in the U.S. Air Force and this is his first tour in Iraq. He is working at the hospital there as a trauma surgeon. I’ve known Rich since our first days at […]

Happy 11th anniversary Rich and Tricia!

Rich and Tricia (dear friends from college) celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary today. I was Rich’s best man in their wedding (the second time I’d performed that duty) and going back to my diary entry from 11 years ago today, it is one the longest entries that I’ve got, taking up nearly 4 pages of […]

Early night

I can sleep in until 5:30 AM tomorrow because I don’t have my workout until tomorrow afternoon. But rather than waste my evening away watching TV, I decided to get to bed early, and read while I finish up some laundry. I got a rare email from Rich today. He was congratulating me on selling […]


It was approximately 16 years ago today that I first met Dan and Shannon and Rich and Tricia, when I moved into the D1-East hall of the Aberdeen-Inverness dorm at U. C. Riverside. If I was a newborn on the day that we all met, I would be about to get my drivers license today! […]

Sad news

I received word this morning that Tricia’s dad, Ed, passed away on August 19 after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. I hadn’t heard from Rich or Tricia since they headed back to Southern California after Rich’s graduation from his surgery residency, but I had email from Tricia this morning with this sad news.

Rich’s graduation

I left work a little early yesterday so that I could get up to Baltimore for Rich’s graduation from the St. Agnes’ residency program in surgery. Rich completed 5 years of the residency program, and was one of three chief residents who graduated this year. Rich’s mom was in town for the graduation, as were […]

Another DC tour

Rich, Tricia, Gabby and Rich, Jr. came by at about 1:30 PM and picked me up. Rich’s mom was in town too, as was his newphew, and we headed to the metro station and then downtown. They wanted a quick tour and that’s what we did: The Mall, a few exhibits at the Musuem of […]