Mad Fox Brewing Company

esterday was Kelly’s birthday and she selected, for her birthday dinner, to go to a local restaurant we’d never been to before called Mad Fox Brewing Company. The restaurant is located in the City of Falls Church, a short drive from where we live. After work, we put the kids in the car and headed […]

Don’t read this if you are hungry

Last week while I was in L.A., I mentioned how I’d gone out with long-time friends to a celebrity-chef restaurant called Street. At the time, I raved about just how great all of the food was, but I was also far too tired and unskilled to describe it all. Fortunately, my friend Eric, proprietor of […]

Mystery of the Missing Lamb

After my talk on science fiction, the group split up into two camps to go out. I went with the camp bent on getting some food, since I was starving. We went to┬áLebanese┬áTaverna. Usually, the food and service there was great, but this time, it was an interesting experience, to say the least. Granted, we […]

Tipping table captains

Last year, at the Rainbow Room, I had my first experience with Table Captains. I’m not exactly sure what they do, but there was a line on the bill to leave them a tip, along with the waiters. I had to guess at what to leave him. Since I will be at the Rainbow Room […]

Big shot

When last I was in New York, I walked one evening down 2nd Avenue with Jen, Jason and Jenn on our way back to Jen and Jason’s apartment. While walking, we passed by Elaine’s and I, said “Hey, isn’t that Elaine’s from the Billy Joel song?” But I couldn’t remember which song it was (I […]

When you’re here, you’re family?

I decided to try the new Olive Garden they put in next to the Outback Steakhouse. I headed out for an early dinner, just me and my enormous book. When I got there, around 3:30 PM, it was already packed and I was told the wait was 30-45 minutes. “No problem,” I said. I sat […]