We’re on vacation!

Up and into work this morning.  It was one of those days that seemed to grow steadily more hectic as the day progressed.  I kept an eye on Doug’s flights, and I headed home around lunchtime to wait for him to arrive.  They got here shortly after noon, and it was really good to see them.  The […]

Happy Anniversary, Doug and Rachel!

Just wanted to wish Doug and Rachel a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I hope you guys have a great day.

Rainbow Room Birthday Bash 2008

Saturday began early for I was anxious to see everyone and wanted to get an early start. Kelly and I had gone to bed around midnight and I was up at 6:40 AM. I showered and then headed downstairs to sit on the couch and read until everyone else woke up. Kelly was up early […]

Thanksgiving dinner

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner last night. First, we had everyone over at Mom and Dad’s: me, he110_sunshine, stubiebrother, Doug, Rachel, Ruby and Carson. This year was a non-traditional year for dinner. We had excellent crab legs, delicious prime rib, rice, and broccoli. There was plenty of food and it was all delicious. Doug […]

To L.A.

I was up at 3 AM because I couldn’t sleep. My alarm was set for 4 AM, but there I was, awake at 3 AM and so I watched and episode of The West Wing before heading into the shower. The car was there at 4:30 AM to pick me up and we headed off […]

Happy anniversary, Doug and Rachel!

Today is Doug and Rachel’s 6th wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GUYS! Hopefully you get a chance to do something fun to celebrate your big day today.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

I just wanted to wish Rachel a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. It marks the first time that I’ve ever wished anyone a Happy Birthday while outside the United States. I hope you have a great day!

Protected: Some sad vacation news

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

More travel tasks

More vacation prep today. I filled out the online form to put a hold on my mail while I am gone. I also paid the rent in order to make sure I didn’t forget that one. I took my black suit in to be cleaned and pressed. I can pick it up tomorrow. I also […]

Building a house

I have decided to build a house, and I have Doug and Rachel (and Ruby and Carson) to thank for it. Doug, who works in the home loan industry has made this incredibly easy for me, supplying me with everything I need to get the job done, with absolutely no paperwork.

No more burned fingertips!

Thanks go out to Rachel who, over the Thanksgiving holiday, gave me an insight into toasters which will prevent me from further burning my fingertips when I reach in to pull out the toast each morning. It turns out that my toaster does, in fact, work similarly to hers. My fingers, upon which my job […]

Dinner at Daniel’s

Doug had to work most of the day yesterday and he finally got home around 5 PM. Shortly after he got home, he, Mom, Dad and I headed out to the Keg to have some drinks and sit around chatting, while Rachel, Ruby and Carson got a break from our hijinks. We then headed over […]

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