Considering Becoming a Patron of the Functional Nerds Podcast

llow me a moment to plug a Patreon campaign for a really fantastic science fiction/fantasy podcast: The Functional Nerds. The podcast is hosted by musician extraordinaire, John Anealio (@johnanealio), and Patrick Hester (@atfmb), a podcast grandmaster. In the course of 250 episodes (as of this writing) they have interviewed practically everyone in the science fiction/fantasy/horror […]

I’m on the Functional Nerds podcast today

ast week, I sat down with Patrick Hester and John Anealio, hosts of the Functional Nerds podcast. It was a blast. We talked books, baseball, writing, productivity, and music. If you are interested, have a listen over at the Functional Nerds. And a big thank you to John and Patrick for having me on the […]

I’m Talking Golden Age Science Fiction, Evernote, and Lots More on The Three Hoarseman Podcast

unday evening, I had the wonderful opportunity to be the guest on the Three Hoarseman podcast. I chatted with hosts Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson, and John Stevens about Golden Age science fiction, Evernote, productivity, what I’m reading, and much more. If you’re interested, you can check out the podcast for yourself. As always, I sound […]

I’m on the SF Signal Podcast This Morning: “Authors We Can’t Get Enough of (and Why)”

ast week, I was part of the Hugo Award-winning SF Signal Podcast hosted by Patrick Hester. Among the other guests wereJosh Vogt, Jeff Patterson, Andrea Johnson, Paul Weimer, and Larry Ketchersid, with John DeNardo lurking in the background as always. The topic this week was “Author We Can’t Get Enough of, and Why.” There are some great authors […]

I’m a Panelist on the SF Signal Podcast on SF Readers vs. Fantasy Readers

ver at SF Signal this morning is the podcast we recorded last week on the topic of SF Readers vs. Fantasy Readers. Panelists for this week’s podcast include: Jeff Patterson Paul Weimer Jay Garmon Josh Vogt Jamie Todd Rubin Patrick Hester It was a fun discussion. If you are interested in this sort of thing, […]

The SF Signal Podcast, My Daily Science Fiction Story and My Capclave Reading

Just a couple of items for bleary-eyed folks on Monday morning (a holiday in this part of town, although not for me). I am on the current episode (#156) of the SF Signal Podcast. Along with Derek Johnson, Stina Leicht, Jaym Gates, Justin Landon and Patrick Hester, we discuss whether or not optimistic science fiction […]

I am on Today’s SF Signal Podcast, Episode 150: A Panel Discussion of the 2012 Worldcon

Last Wednesday, I stayed up way past my bedtime to be a part of the panel discussion that makes up today’s SF Signal Podcast, Episode 150, talking about the crazy time we all had at the 70th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago a few weeks ago. And by “crazy time,” I mean, you know, […]

Science Fiction Podcasts

I think of myself as a fairly busy guy. I’ve got a fulltime day job, two young children, and a burgeoning writing and blogging avocation. There is not much time for anything else. I’ve given up on television. And about the only music I listen to is Sirius XM satellite radio (where I switch between […]

Latest SF Signal podcast on science fiction’s visions of the future

I took part in the most recent installment of SF Signal’s podcast, hosted by Patrick Hester. This week, Paul Weimer, John Stevens, Jeff Patterson and I all discussed our favorite visions of the future with Patrick. You can listen to the podcast over at SF Signal. This one was a lot of fun.

The SF Signal Podcast #75: Novellas

Last week I was part of a panel discussion that included: Patrick Hester Mur Lafferty Jeff Petterson Lisa Paitz Spindler We talked about novellas and you can listen in on our discussion and find out what’s so special about novellas, what to read, and where you can find these little gems.

The SF Signal Podcast Episode 68: The Readercon Recap Edition

Last week I was among several folks who participated in the most recent SF Signal podcast. The topic was a kind of recap of Readercon from those who had attended. Several of the SF Signal “irregulars”–myself included–were at Readercon and give our thoughts on the convention. Others in the podcast include: John Ginsberg-Stevens Jeff Patterson […]

SF Signal Podcast Episode 66: On Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions

I am part of the group of panelists for the latest episode of the SF Signal Podcast, talking about our experiences at science fiction and fantasy conventions. It is a well-timed podcast. We recorded it the day before Readercon and it is now available, the day after Readercon. In this one, I tell the story […]