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Digital Pack Rat

I wish clearing up my digital photos was as easy as clearing out the house for moving. There are a lot of things I am unsentimental about. I get rid of old clothes without a second glance. Marie Kondo would be proud. I look at something that’s been stored away for ages and dump it. If I haven’t needed it for the last six years, I’m not going to need it now. Digital photos are different. There are 23,465 digital photos in my photo library as I write this. I don’t think I’ve deleted one.

My logic is always the same: it costs nothing to keep the photo. It doesn’t occupy physical space the way 23,465 Polaroids would. So why get rid of them? They provide an unedited collage of my life for the last twenty years or so.

The problem is that I am not organized about my photos the way I am in other parts of my life. I’ve made reluctant attempts at organization now and then, but my heart was never in it. I’ve had all kinds of great ideas for photo taxonomies that would allow me to put my finger on a photo within seconds. These ideas never pan out. I just don’t have the interest. And yet the photos accrue.

Look at all of these screenshots I’ve captured! I don’t even get rid of these. I think, for some reason, that I’ll need a particular screenshot at some point in the future. This is preposterous, but the screenshots are still part of my photo library.

I must have dozens of pictures of a barn in Maine. The barn doesn’t change much. But I have my phone, so I take the picture, even though I know I already have plenty.

That barn in Maine
That barn in Maine.

Digital photography has created a crisis and turned me into a digital packrat. I find myself wishing that we still had to put film in a camera, or that there was some equivalent cost to a digital photo. I think I’d be more careful about what pictures I decided to snap, and what I chose to keep.

I’ve been taking fewer photos these last two months. Many of the photos I had taken previously were taken spontaneously with the thought, “This would make a good post on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.” But when I gave up social media and found myself pulling out my phone to snap a photo of the two deer munching away at shrubs alongside the bike path, I made a decision. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and decided to stand there and watch the deer. No photos necessary.

The deer that I didn’t photograph When I started thinking about this post, I snapped a photo the next time I saw her. Actually, I snapped three.

The 23,465 photos in my library will only continue to grow and continue to be disorganized. Whenever I get the idea to purge and organize the photos, I break out in a cold sweat. The number alone—23,465 (and counting)—terrifies me. If I managed to look at, and make a decision on, 100 photos a day, it would take me nearly 8 months before I finished. And by then, who knows how many more photos will have appeared.

Thinking about how difficult it is to purge all of those photos make it so much easier to get rid of the physical stuff around the house. The more I can get rid of the, the less I have to move to the new house.

Which reminds me: I need to get over there next week and take pictures of all of the rooms so that I know where everything is going to go.

Sunrise in Santa Monica

I will in an all-day planning retreat today checking email, and various social media only periodically throughout the day. While I’m away from the Internets, here is a picture of the sunrise as I walked through the Santa Monica City Hall parking lot on my way into the office this morning. I remember this sunrise fondly from the days when I used to work out here. Enjoy:


Schmap photo was accepted!

It’s official: my photo of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy was accepted by Schmap and is now part of their website.

The backstory.

For those who want to see it, you can find the photo (along with attribution) here. Those of you with an iPhone or an iPod Touch might try the special iPhone version of the website.

Rejections and short-lists

Yesterday, I got finally got a brief rejection note from Strange Horizons for “The Golden Watch”. It took 49 days from start to finish and that is nearly twice as long as any other story I’ve sent them. I’d like to think it meant I got farther along in the process, but the one-sentence message makes me think that maybe things were just backlogged.

For those keeping track, my submission log.

Strangely, however, when I woke up this morning, I had an email telling me that one of my photos from Venice, Italy was on the short-list to be included in Schmap, which is a free online travel guide. Oddly enough, I never submitted the photo. They found it on Flickr, where it is publicly viewable with all of my other photo sets from Europe. They do not pay, but they do give full credit, and since I don’t consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination and never took the pictures with the thought of payment in mind, I granted them the permission to use the photo, should they choose it from the short list.

All-in-all, I’m disappointed about “The Golden Watch”, which I think is a good story, but which has made the rounds, and which even Edmund Schubert, editor of InterGalactic Medicine Show said he couldn’t tell me exactly why it didn’t work. So I think it’s time to retire it until a new market comes out.

And get to work on the next one.

Picture collection on Flickr

I have taken all of my Flickr picture sets and put them into a single collection, so all of the photos from my vacation are now available from one place. You can find them here. I still have to upload the photos from my last 3 days in London. But those are the only pictures that remain to be uploaded. At some point, I will add descriptions to these pictures but I don’t have the time or patience to do it right now.

I’m heading over to A.J. and Denisse’s in a little while and we’re catching a mid-afternoon showing of The Bourne Ultimatum, which seems to be getting good reviews all-around. I’m looking forward to it.

Still more photos

I’ve uploaded several more photosets:

Miletus and Didyma, Turkey (228 photos)

Rhodes, Greece (75 photos)

Santorini, Greece (163 photos)

Naples, Vesuvius and Pompeii (354 photos)

More photos

My flight home is at noon local time today and I wanted to get some more photos uploaded before I headed off, so here are several batches more. The individual photo are, as of yet, unlabeled, but I’ll get around to that eventually…

Korfu, Greece and Vow Renewals (37 photos)

Athens, Greece (275 photos)

Mykonos, Greece (79 photos)

That’s all I have time for now, as I have to head to the airport. I’m scheduled to leave London at noon and arrive at Washington/Dulles at 3:20 PM. If all goes well, I’m hoping to be home by 5 PM, and then immediately go and pick up Zeke from the vet and bring him home. I miss him. More pictures from Greece, Turkey, Italy and London to come. Also updates from Warwick, Stratford and Oxford yesterday.

Stay tuned…


Okay, here are some photos from the first few days of my trip. I’ve still got tons more to post, but this should be a decent start:

Munich and Venice Day 1 (32 pictures)

Venice Day 2 (64 pictures)

Leaving Venice/The Walls of Dubrovnik (268 pictures)

First formal night and a day of rest for me (18 pictures)

I head to the airport in about half an hour, on my way to London. More pictures later.

Pictures from this weekend

Lazy Saturday Afternoon
Originally uploaded by jamietr.

Eric requested that I post some pictures from this weekend, so here are some pictures from this weekend. Most of the pictures are from “game night” Saturday night, but there are a few others. All pictures are courtesy of Norm (of vickyandnorm fame). To be honest, I stole them from his Kodak Gallery. There are some more pictures there if you are really that interested.

Flickr tags — cool!

Flickr does this cool thing with photo tags. It shows the tag name in font-size relative to the frequency that the tag is used in a photo. To see what I mean, check out the tags page for the photos I have uploaded.

First flickr photoset

This morning, I uploaded my photos from jen_ashlock and Jason’s wedding last October. I did it to see how easy (or hard) it was to get them uploaded and tagged. It turned out to be very easy, Those interested can take a look at the photoset They even have a cool feature that allows you to map where the photos were taken. Now that I know how easy it is, I will be uploading more photosets of the next week or so. The nice think about flickrPRO is that there is no storage limits, just bandwidth limits and I don’t think I will exceed those limits in a given month.

New flickr account for photos

I finally caved in and signed up for a flickr account for managing my photos. I was convinced to use flickr over other services for serveral reasons, primarily that it integrates seemlessly with LiveJournal, and it is much easier to organize and maintain photos and photosets.

I uploaded one photo before going to bed this evening, but eventually, I’ll get a good chunk of my photos up there so that they are viewable to friends and family. Of course, my photos don’t come close to the artistic skill as those of, say, strausmouse, nor are my captions as witty as those of vickyandnorm. But I now have a final resting place for my photos, unlimited storage, and it only cost me $25 for the year!