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International calling

Going through my checklist of things I need to do before I go on vacation, this morning I called T-Mobile and had them explain to me how International calling works on my cell phone when I am traveling in Europe. Turns out, its very easy and straight-forward. I spoke to a very enthusiastic support person, who turned out to be very helpful. But that’s nothing unusual since my experience with T-Mobile has always been good.

First, he confirmed that my phone can handle international networks (it’s a quad-band phone) and that my services are all set up for international calling.

Next, he explained the “dialing pattern” while I am abroad. Essentially, any call I make, I hit 0 to pull up the plus (+) sign, then dial the country code, then the local number. Easy to remember. So for calling the U.S., I dial +1 followed by the area code and phone number. In London, to call the hotel I’d dial +44 then the area code and phone number, etc.

He gave me a good tip about voice mail If my phone is on and I get a call and allow it to go to voice mail, I get charged at the local rate for that incoming call. If my phone is off, I don’t get charged for the incoming call, but still get the voice mail message.

Next, he told me that text messages anywhere I travel are $0.35/message for outgoing and $0.15/message for incoming. This will likely be my preferred method of communication since it is very, very cheap.

Finally, he went through the cost per minute for calls originating in each of the countries I will be visiting:

  • Italy, $0.99/minute
  • Greece, $1.49/minute
  • Croatia, $1.49/minute
  • Turkey, $1.99/minute
  • London, $0.99/minute
  • Paris, $0.99/minute

He was very helpful and I am now satisfied that I know how to use my phone internationally and that I know how much it will cost me.

Check one more item off the list!

My new cell phone

My new cell phone was delivered this afternoon and it’s a pretty cool little gadget. It’s a Motorala RAZR. It’s very thin but has a very good display. I got it mainly for the BlueTooth and Speakerphone, both of which I have already made use. I have my phone book now synced to my Mac address book, and whenever I bring my phone within 30 feet of my Mac at home, it sync’s up the address books. This is incredibly convenient.

I had a work-related meeting that I attended remotely (from home) this afternoon and I used my speaker phone for the full hour-long meeting and it worked just great.

Now, I am tweaking the settings to get it to work just the way I want it to. For instance, I have Jen’s number voice activated, so if I touch a button and say her name, my phone dials her number.

I also tried the camera phone out and that seemed to work just fine. It does video too, but I don’t care so much about that.

It’s a pretty neat little gadget.

New phone

I ordered a new cell phone tonight. I’ve been wanting to get a new phone for quite some time and tonight I decided to do it. I got a Motorola RAZR V3 phone. It’s got a few additional features that I don’t have on my current phone, specifically the bluetooth technology so I can finally sync it up with my computer. I should get it via UPS in about 5 business days.

Voicemail experiment over

I changed my outgoing voicemail message back to normal this evening. Strangest thing, but it seemed to confuse people for some reason. Go figure.

I stayed at work later than usual today and didn’t do any writing this evening. I was going to try and read more of It’s Superman! and maybe finish it up by the weekend, but I’m beat right now; I didn’t even do pushups this evening; I’m just too darn tired.

I did finally get around to stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work this evening, so I have groceries now, and I packed my lunch for tomorrow (first time in a week).

I’m off to bed…

New outgoing voicemail message

After countless years of the same old boring outgoing voicemail message on my phone, I have decided to take the matter in my own hands and do a complete revision. After a number of takes (for clarity of signal, and because I kept messing up), I have a new outgoing message on my cellphone. Well, not exactly a new message, really it’s more a set of notes toward an outgoing message.

‘Read’ the message without having to call my phone