Frequent readers know that from time-to-time, I go off on some ethical tangent with an air of superiority that is probably somewhat off-putting, I imagine. I try not to do it often, but occasionally, it slips through. It therefore seems only fair that I am equally diligent about reporting my own flaws (as opposed that […]

When you say 11 AM…

I found a good breaking point in my tasks this morning–enough time to squeeze in the haircut I neglected to get yesterday. I went down to the salon in the mall and was told to come back at 11 AM. They took my name and put me in the appointment book. I was back at […]

The very annoying Honda commercial

Honda has a commericial with “Mr. Opportunity”, a cartoon character that acts as the spokesperson for a line of it’s cars and SUVs. I don’t mind the cartoon guy. I don’t even mind the cars. What “drives” me to distraction is the copy. In fact, it is a single like of copy: …and the very […]