My first music video

The Little Man has been very much into watching Elmo videos on YouTube, as well as videos of things like Wheels on the Bus and after about 100 times, they can drive you absolutely nuts. So the other evening while Kelly was out at her girls night, I did a quick search for what I […]

The Little Man’s first rock song

I have recently discovered a great way to entertain the little Z-man. In the early evening, when he’s getting ready to start climbing the walls, we go out to the new Kia. I put the Z-man in the drivers seat, I climb into the passenger seat. We put on the radio and we just hang […]

She’s Like the Wind

I’m listening to my "autobiography" playlist this morning, and Patrick Swayze’s song, "She’s Like the Wind" came on.  It was a little more poignant, knowing he’s dead now.  Now, some people may wonder why this song would be on the play list in the first place.  First, let me state here (as I have stated elsewhere) […]

Life on Mars

I’ve been enjoying Life on Mars on ABC.  I may have mentioned somewhere that I was puzzled by a few things–like why Sam doesn’t "prove" he’s from the future by making a specific prediction.  But it seems that, for now, the writers are avoiding the issue.  Nevertheless, I enjoy the show.  One thing I really like about the […]

Death Magnetic

I just finished listening to Metallica’s new album, Death Magnetic (thanks to strausmouse  to pointing it out to me), and I have to say that I was rather pleased with it.  It’s no Master of Puppets, but it’s the best thing to come from Metallica since the Black Album (way back in 1991).  It definitely has the old Metallica sound […]

How to get ejected from Yankee Stadium

Did anyone else see this story?  This fellow got ejected from Yankee Stadium the other day for trying to use the bathroom during the playing of "God Bless America".  Apparently, the stadium has a little known rule that says that people must stay at their seats while the song is playing.  NYPD claims the guy was […]

Gonzo’s Nose

Yesterday, after work, Kelly and I headed over to Pentagon Row (right behind the office) to see the 80s cover band Gonzo’s Nose. The band didn’t start until 7 PM, so we first went to Sine, where we sat outside and had a light dinner as the crowd gathered. Then we made our way across […]

Review: Ear to the Wire

Todd McCombs is a tall, lankly fellow who typically stands a head taller than those around him. He, along with his brother Scott, make up the eclectic rock band, The Shimshaws, who recently released their sophomore album, Ear to the Wire. Just as Todd stands taller than most of his peers, Ear to the Wire […]

Def Leppard morning

I’m listening to all of Def Leppard’s albums up through Hysteria this morning. I haven’t done that in a while.


The new R.E.M. album, Accelerate was released today and I had pre-ordered it through iTunes. I downloaded it this morning and have listened to the album through once so far. It’s definitely got more energy than their last 4 or 5 albums and there are several songs that are real standouts, but I was not […]

Dave Matthews in June

Kelly and I, along with some of her friends, are going to see Dave Matthews in concert at the Nissan Pavilion on June 28! Not counting all the times I saw composer John Williams in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, this will be the–let’s see–one, two, three, four, fifth concert that I’ve been to see. […]

Juno soundtrack

As I mentioned earlier, I saw Juno on Saturday and thought it was a good movie. I was particularly fond of the soundtrack. Today, I took a look at the soundtrack on the iTunes store and discovered one of those strange, small-world coincidences that we sometimes come across. The lead song on the soundtrack is […]

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