The Museum of American History

We had a lazy Saturday morning and finally got our act together and headed out for a while.  We took the metro downtown to Archives and then walked to the newly remodeled Museum of American History, where we spent a couple of hours wandering around the exhibits.  It is a remodel of the museum, and […]

A busy Saturday

I went to bed early last night and I was up early this morning. I took Dad over to Starbucks so he could get some coffee, then we came back home and I had breakfast. Around 9 AM, we headed out, first to fill up the car with gas, then to Home Depot to look […]

Burgers, beers and soups

Dad is in town this weekend. He got here late yesterday afternoon, and then got to spend the evening with me at the animal hospital in Annapolis. We went back there this morning to collect Zeke, who, by the way, is supposed to be drinking more water, and is not only drinking more, but is […]

The British Museum

It was supposed to rain today so I decided to spend my time indoors, and what better place to go than the world-famous British Museum, which has been around since the 18th century. It wasn’t raining when I headed out this morning, but it was overcast, with dark clouds. Nevertheless, I decided to walk to […]

On the shoulders of giants

Today I visited Westminster Abbey. I walked there from the hotel, crossing the Green Park, passing by Buckingham Palace, and along St. James Park until I reached the Abbey. Those of you that have seen it know that you can’t miss it. You are not allowed to take pictures inside, but I did take some […]

Errands and meetups

Today turned out to be busier than I expected. I was up at 8:00 AM and headed to IHOP for breakfast. I stopped to get some food for Zeke and then ran a number of other errands. I paid a few bills, mailed a out a copy of my new lease to my landlord, and […]

The heat is on

I got into the office this morning and the place is like an oven. Yesterday the inside temperature was perfect. Today, it’s boiling. I’m not sure why. It rained most of the night and was still raining when I got up this morning. I took a taxi to the Metro station because you can’t leave […]

An afternoon with AJ

I headed downtown around 1 PM and was out on the Mall by 1:30 PM. It was warmer than I expected out and I had worn jeans instead of shorts, but I survived. I found a bench and sat for an hour reading more of A Canticle for Leibowitz, which I expect to finish tonight […]

Museum of American History

I am heading over to the Museum of American History this afternoon to meet AJ and Dennise there for one last look before the museum closes for renovations for two years. This was my favorite of all of the Smithsonian museums (even more so than the Air and Space museum). However, I have now been […]

A near perfect weather day

Sunday turned out to be a nearly perfect weather day in NYC. It was overcast for much of the day, but the humidity was gone and the high temperature did not make it out of the 70s, so that the air had a pleasant coolness to it. We started our day at a nearby breakfast […]

Top of the Rock

Today was an event-filled day in The Big Apple. It started out with breakfast at Lite-Bites, where I demonstrated to Jen and Jason that I am, in fact, eating more than I used to by cleaning my plate of omelettes, potatoes, toast and fruit. Afterward, we headed into the city to visit the Museum of […]