DMV, redux

I headed over the to DMV this afternoon in order to complete the last two steps of my conversion to Virginia resident: title and register my car. Last time it took about 30 minutes. This time it was about the same. I had everything I needed, my old title from Maryland, my emissions papers, my […]

A Virginia resident

The trip to the DMV was quick and uneventful. I was in and out in 30 minute, and when I came out, I had a Virginia driver’s license. They have a pretty streamlined and efficient system overall. First you get a number. When your number is called, you head off to the window, present your […]

Wednesdayt morning rundown

Up around 6:30 after getting a pretty good night’s sleep. Kelly worked wonders on our bedroom, which is now about the most completely unpacked and setup room in the house. Had breakfast while watching Good Morning America on the new TV. Packed my lunch and then Kelly and I headed off to work. What a […]


We get a “move day” at work and I used mine today. I headed to the old house this morning and arrived there at 9 AM to do the final cleanup. I was hoping to be done by 1 PM, but it took a little longer than I expected. I finished around 2 PM. I […]

Now you see it, and now you don’t

We were up pretty early this morning. Kelly had to go into work, but I stayed home because I needed to be here for the cable guy. I made good use of the time. I got my books unpacked. There are 36 boxes of books and I managed to get most of them unpacked and […]

Internet is back and move is complete!

Backdated posts of the move weekend coming later this evening! And I have Internet at home once again!

This post is brought to you in HD

It was kind of hard to sleep in for some reason. I think both Kelly and I were anxious to get started with the settling in and unpacking. Dad, Jen, and Jason went to breakfast while Kelly and I got started on some unpacking. Then we drove over to Sarah’s, dropped off my car, and […]

Protected: Moving day

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Here comes the rain again

We were scheduled to play a scrimmage game yesterday after work, but we didn’t have enough players. I supposed everyone thought it was going to rain, but it didn’t actually rain until close to 9 PM last night. But when it rained, it poured. I headed home around 4:30, and it wasn’t until I was […]

TGI trans fats?

I’m about a day behind on things here because of my lack of Internet at home. Only a few more days of this to go. Things should be back to normal on Monday or Tuesday so bear with me. Busy day at work yesterday. On the moving front, I did a few more change of […]


Took a sick day today because of a bad night of allergies and arm aches, which led to antihistamines and pain-killers. I’ve put myself on the DL for our game next Wednesday as I think I need to give my arm some rest. I made as good use of the day as I could, considering […]

Move, wedding and Readercon updates

More progress on move and wedding stuff yesterday: Moving progress We went over to the new place last night and paid the pet deposit and pro-rated rent for July. We also requested to get the keys a day early so we get them on Friday, July 25, which means we can get an earlier start […]

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