Thoughts on Interstellar: Worthy Grandchild to Tau Zero and The Forever War

f memory serves, I first encountered time dilation in a visceral way in November 1997. That is when I read Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. The effects of relativity play a significant role in that novel. I next encountered it in Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero, which I read in January 1999. I read the books in the wrong […]

Windows Into the Past

ictures”, is what my grandpa used to call them. He’d never say “movies” or “films.” They were always pictures. Usually there was some kind of adjective to go along with them: a “rotten picture1” or a “funny picture2.” Regardless, they were always pictures to him. I like the term and I try to use it […]

On Ribs, Texting, and L.A. Story

ast night, around 2am, I couldn’t sleep. It was my ribs again. The cough that I’ve had since before Christmas finally seems to be waning, but the damage is done. My right ribs and the soft matter just beneath them feel shredded. The slightest pressure irritates them. I’ve taking to sleeping on my left side, […]

Thoughts on The Hobbit

n Sunday, Kelly and I left the kids with their grandparents for a few hours and escaped to see The Hobbit at the local theater1. It was playing in 3D/48fps and that is how we saw it. The theater was at a large, outdoor shopping mall here in southwestern Florida and while the mall was packed […]

An Alternate Star Wars

was watching Star Wars1 with the Little Man. It was his first time seeing that particular movie and he had endless questions about the good guys and the bad guys and the good guys ships and the bad guys ships. It was fun watching him watch it. But what struck me most about this re-watch—the first […]

A Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Marathon, Three Years Hence?

ith the first part of The Hobbit coming to theaters mid-December, I started thinking about the inevitable 24-hour marathon watchings that will start taking place roughly three years from now. My logic goes something like this: December 2012: The Hobbit, Part 1 released in theaters Fall 2013: The Hobbit, Part 1 released on BluRay (or equivalent) December 2013: The Hobbit, Part […]

FAQ: How can you be a science fiction writer/fan if you don’t like sci-fi movies/TV?

I get asked quite frequently what I thought of the latest blockbuster sci-fi movie. “Do you have your ticket for Prometheus?” or “What did you think about the season finale of [fill in the blank with your favorite sci-fi show]?” This reached its peak after I posted the picture of the TARDIS that parks in […]

Movies that make me cry

Last weekend during the reception dinner that followed the wedding of some friends, our table got around to talking about weddings and the people who cry at them. There were quite a few (happy) tears at this particular wedding and so it was a natural course for the conversation. Kelly pointed out that she didn’t […]

Remaking Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Let me begin by saying that, so far as I know, there is no remake of the classic mid-80s movie in the works. But think about it: you know it’s going to happen. You know that some young Hollywood producer without much of a sense of creativity is flipping through “old” movies to see what […]

Harry Potter, Cars 2, and going to the movies

I don’t get to the movies often these days. In the two years since the Little Man was born, I think I’ve been a grand total of three times, two of which have been in the ten months or so. I could say it’s because it is difficult to get away, but that’s not really […]

I, Robot; I, Robot; I, Robot; and I, Robot

As I was writing my lastest Wayward Time Traveler piece for SF Signal, I couldn’t help but recall something that happened just before I went to Los Angeles last week. I was packing and went into the TV room to ask Kelly about something or other–and found her watching I, Robot on FX. This movie […]

L. A. Story

On Sunday night, I watched L. A. Story for the first time in many, many years. I’d just returned from L.A. and I suppose I was in a nostalgic L.A. state of mind. The movie used to be one of my favorites and having watched it again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it […]